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Student Disability Services at Lehman College

Campus Accessibility Information

Emergency Procedures

All students should be prepared in case of an emergency. (Lehman College's Public Safety office maintains class schedules of students with disabilities for use by personnel in emergency situations.) The information below is intended to help you maintain your safety and well being, both on campus and off.

Planning Ahead

Take some time to look over the campus map and the list of Lehman's accessible entrance locations. Be aware of emergency exits and plan an emergency route. Always take drills seriously, and, if needed, ask a classmate or professor for help. Remain calm during an emergency; don’t worry about personal property. If you use a wheelchair, make your way to a safe staging area (the area near the stairwells closest to the elevator), and wait there for assistance.

CUNY Alert

CUNY Alert LogoThe CUNY Alert system sends e-mail and text messages to students, faculty, and staff in the event of an emergency, weather advisory, or general public safety issue. (The system can also notify students via calls to a home or cell phone.) Visit and follow the step-by-step registration instructions listed there. Sign up and stay informed!

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

ICE logoPutting ICE contact numbers in your cell phone is a simple, emergency preparedness strategy. Program the acronym “ICE,” followed by the name and number of an easily accessible family member or friend, whom emergency personnel can contact. Take a few moments to input this information into your phone today—along with these important numbers:

  • Public Safety
    Emergency (24 hrs.): 718-960-7777
    Nonemergency (24hrs.): 718-960-8228
  • NYC Police
    Emergency: 911
    52nd Police Precinct
    Nonemergency: 718-220-5811
    Crime Victims Assistance Unit: 718 590-2115
  • Lehman College Switchboard

Emergency Telephones

There are emergency telephones installed throughout campus. These telephones are labeled as such, and also have a blue light. To make a call, press the red button labeled “EMERGENCY” on the phone. You will then be connected to Public Safety, where an officer will use either a CCTV camera or audio to pinpoint your location. Public Safety will then send the appropriate aid to help with your emergency.

Tips for the Classroom

Befriend a classmate to help you in the event of an emergency; you can also let your professor know about your disability, should you require their assistance. It is a good idea to travel with a fully charged cell phone. If you take medication, have a list on hand with medication names, expiration dates, and dosage information.

Escort Service

Public Safety provides a campus-wide escort service to the Lehman College community. This service is available during off hours and by special request, depending on available personnel. Call Public Safety at 718-960-8228 to make arrangements.

School Closings

The following radio stations and Web sites are authorized to announce closings for CUNY campuses for the 2009-2010 academic years. (You can also call New York City’s 311 information hotline to obtain information.)

Accessible Entrances and Elevator Locations

The Office of Student Disability Services aims to provide registered students and the Lehman community with up-to-date information about on-campus accessibility. Some buildings have wheelchair access only via Lehman’s underground tunnels. (Wheelchair accessible tunnels will take you to Carman Hall; Davis Hall; Gillet Hall; the Old Gym; the Music Building; and Shuster Hall.) Some passenger elevators double as freight elevators; others require a key. (These instances are noted on our list.)

The following is a list of accessible entrance locations (also see the campus map):

  • The Apex has an accessible entrance at gate #7 on the ground level.
  • Carman Hall has accessible entrances at both gate #2 and at the main campus ground-level entrance.
  • Davis Hall is accessible via Lehman’s underground tunnels.
  • Gillet Hall has an accessible entrance at gate #5. It is also accessible via Lehman’s underground tunnels.
  • The Library is accessible entrance via the main campus ground level near the Old Gym.
  • The Music Building has accessible entrances at both gate #10 and at the main campus ground-level entrance. It is also accessible via Lehman’s underground tunnels.
  • The Old Gym is accessible via Lehman’s underground tunnels.
  • Shuster Hall has accessible entrances at gate #4, the main campus ground level, and via Lehman’s underground tunnels.
  • The Student Life Building is accessible via the main campus ground-level entrance near Carman Hall. There is presently no wheelchair access to lower levels.
  • The T3 Building is accessible via the main campus, ground-level entrance next to the Apex.

The following is a list of elevator locations:

  • Passenger Elevators, No Key Required
  • Apex freight elevator (when exiting the building only)
  • Apex passenger elevator
  • Carman Hall south
  • Library east
  • Library west
  • Music Building (combined, passenger and freight)
  • Shuster Hall
  • T4 Student Life Building
  • T3 Building
  • Passenger Elevators, Key Required
  • Carman ITR
  • Carman North
  • Davis Hall
  • Fine Arts Building
  • Gillet Hall
  • Old Gym


Low-cost student parking is available to registered students for fall, spring and summer sessions. Please visit room 078 in the basement of Shuster Hall to pay for a permit. (Cash, check, or Visa/Mastercard is accepted.) Parking may also be purchased at the Bursar’s Office in room 031 Shuster Hall (718-960-8573) between 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when classes are in session.

Students who have either a NYS Disabled License Permit or a doctor’s note authorized by Lehman’s Department of Public Safety are permitted to park in handicapped spots. For more information, please contact Public Safety by phone at 718-960-8593 or by e-mail at 718-960-8593, or stop by room 109 in the Apex.