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Strategic Plan for Research

Lehman College values research and scholarship in all forms as vital to the interests of the college, faculty, students, and community. High caliber research and scholarship is critical to the college's reputation and its ability to carry out its mission. It is within the scope of the Lehman College mission statement to create and grow an active environment of scholarship and research. Specifically, this environment will foster:

  • A thriving research culture that pursues, produces, exchanges, and disseminates high quality innovative research and scholarship by faculty members and students;
  • Programs of mentoring and information sharing;
  • Engagement in research through intra- and inter- disciplinary collaborations;
  • Dynamic and multi-scaled efforts at the faculty, graduate, and undergraduate levels;
  • Integration of research and scholarship into the classroom; and
  • Entrepreneurial use of research findings that lead to the development of new information and products of benefit to the College and Community.