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Division of Enrollment Management

The Enrollment Management Division includes some of the most widely used offices in the college such as the Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation (Academic Advising). Our goal is to provide the best possible services to the campus community as well as to potential students and alumni. For more information, visit the website.

Academic Advising, Standards and Evaluations

The Academic Information and Advisement Center - also known as Academic Standards and Evaluation - offers students help in many areas: choosing classes to meet general education requirements and reviewing those choices when it is time to perform a graduation check; dispensing information on academic policies that affect their grades and eligibility for either probation or graduate school; granting permission to take "excess" credits and/or credits at another college; helping to prepare appeals for (among other things) late or retroactive withdrawal from classes and appeals for readmission after being dropped for poor scholarship; and providing referrals to various academic programs and student services. For more information, visit the Academic Standards and Evaluation website.

Admissions and Recruitment

World-class faculty who live to teach. Small classes that guarantee support and interaction. Flexible day, evening, and weekend schedules located conveniently in the northwest Bronx. For more information, visit the Admissions website.

College Now

By participating in the College Now program, you can reduce the time for earning the college degree and the cost of getting a college education. In addition, the courses you take, regardless of the subject or level, will help you do better in high school. College Now reinforces the skills you need to progress toward promotion, graduation, and enhanced performance on Regents examinations. For more information, visit College Now website.

Freshman Year Initiative and Consolidated Freshman Programs

The Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) is an award-winning, nationally recognized program offering first-year students a supportive and carefully structured college experience. All first-year students participate in the program, which promotes an interdisciplinary curriculum, faculty collaboration, and peer support. For more information, visit Coordinated Freshman Programs website.

Graduate Studies

Lehman College's Graduate Studies in the Bronx is a place dedicated to dynamic research, diversity, and the active engagement of students in their academic, personal, and professional development. For more information, visit Graduate Studies webiste.

Instructional Support Services Program

Lehman College's Instructional Support Services Program (ISSP) is home of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and Science Learning Center (SLC). The ISSP provides Lehman students with the opportunity to achieve academic success through the guidance and encouragement of peer tutors and professional staff members. For more information, visit Instructional Support Services Program webiste.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is the keeper of your academic records. The Office updates and maintains the accuracy of your courses and grades, semester and cumulative indices, withdrawals and personal information. For more information, visit Office of the Registrar webiste.


The SEEK Program promotes the academic, personal, and vocational development of SEEK students at Lehman College. SEEK fulfills this mission by admitting a previously under served population and providing an array of specialized support and enrichment programs and activities dedicated to encouraging SEEK student learning, performance, persistence, and graduation.

Special Academic Sessions

The Office for Special Academic Sessions is committed to working with continuing and visiting students to ensure that their needs are met during Lehman College's Summer Session and Winter Intersession semesters. Additionally, the Office for Special Academic Sessions serves as the initial point of contact for Visiting Students year round.

The Office of Academic Testing

The Office of Academic Testing implements the University's testing regulations and procedures. We provide information on support services available to students to help them meet the University's testing requirements. For more information, visit the Office of Academic Testing webiste.

Scholarship Office

The Scholarship Office is dedicated to assuring that scholarship funds are used to recruit, retain, and help students graduate. All students are welcome and encouraged to visit and inquire often for an array of information regarding internal and external scholarship opportunities. For further information, contact the Office of Academic Testing and Scholarships, Shuster Hall, Room 205, via email at or at 718-960-8382. For more information, visit the Scholarship Office webiste.

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