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Lehman College

Student Technology Fee Academic Year 2020-2021

The Lehman College Technology Fee Committee has completed their process for Academic Year 2020- 2021 and submissions are being reviewed by CUNY Central. The proposed Tech Fee Plan can be viewed below. Special thanks to the Tech Fee Committee and especially to our student representatives.

The application process for Academic Year 2021-2022 will begin during the fall semester.

We welcome your input and inquiries.

Tech Fee Guidelines and Documents for 2020-2021

Tech Fee Process and Proposals for 2020-2021

The Tech Fee Committee is comprised of student members, including student government leaders, as well as faculty and staff members representing a cross-section of Lehman’s schools and divisions. Meetings were held from February through April 2020 to review proposals. The review process was based on the call for requests that was distributed to the campus community in the fall of 2019.

We thank the following Student Technology Fee Committee members for their hard work and commitment to this process and for their recommendations:


Steven Abreu, Sumana Ali, Ashley Allison, Masuma Begum, Gugeeta Cheetram, Dionna Davis, Rehnuma Dinti, Nasley Garcia, Tarialy Hernandez, Frederick Hernandez, Jordanna Jervis, Leah Johnney, Mariam Kamara, Aliecha Lindo, Yokasta Matos, Asmir Nicocevic, Jessica Sanchez, Jimmy Sanchez, Dylen Somwar, Ramsey Tapia, Joel Tavarez, Donakay Taylor Gilliard

Faculty and Staff:

Stanley Bazile, Kofi Benefo, Victor Brown, Stephen Castellano, Tiffany DeJaynes, John Delooper, Sameh Fakhouri, James Mahon, Brendan McGibney, Bethania Ortega, Brian Ribeiro, Jonathan Rose, Ediltrudys Ruiz, Vincent Sandella, Reine Sarmiento, Kenneth Schlesinger, David Schwittek

Lehman’s proposed Technology Fee request recommends funding in the following areas:

  • Part-time and full-time staff in a variety of student-facing activities, including online support at the help desk.
  • Funding for electronic, remote access subscription services at the Leonard Lief Library.
  • Support for College and University-wide technology initiatives.
  • Funding for new and recurring campus Technology Fee proposals.
Below is a sample of some recent Student Technology Fee proposals. In some cases, funding requests are partial, with other funding sources contributing to the overall project. Individual proposals may be found in the Tech Fee Plan section below.

Academic Affairs:

Online Proctoring, Large Classroom Polling, VoiceThread to Ensure Accessibility, Video Capture, Video Conferencing, Headsets and Webcams, Digitization Project, Photo and Poster Printer Replacement, Maker Shop for Printmaking, Design, and Sculpture, Music Program Lab Upgrade, Journalism and Media, Tell It Like It is Stories, EdTPA College Assistants, Workshops, and TaskStream, Video Pedagogy Project, Collaborative Student Centered Approach, Updating Technology for Health Sciences, Continuous Improvement of Instruction and Strengthening of Curriculum, SONIA Fieldwork Software, Library Equipment and Software, Upgrade Davis 337 Chemistry Lecture Room.

Student Affairs:

Computer Renewal, Renewal of Annual Subscription to Medicat, EMS Lite Replacement, Services for Success, Comevo Online Orientation, Technology to Increase Access, Career Management System.

Information Technology:

Apple Security Suite, Single Sign on Project, SkillSets Online, Software and VDI Support, Online Queue Management, Lehman MMC Student Producer, East West Library License.

Campus Wide and Joint Proposals:

Cinema 4D, Lehman Mobile App, EdReady, Badging Maintenance, Chatbot, Student-related Devices/Laptop Loaner Devices, Quantitative Analysis Support, Yuja, Degree Works, Smart Catalogue Hosting.

For more information or if you have any questions about the Student Technology Fee at Lehman College, please contact

Technology Fee Plan

The following documents are the Student Technology Fee spending plans for the most recent five years: