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Lehman College

IT Workshop for Faculty and Staff - Fall 2023

For further information on the workshop schedule, please send email to

Please check back soon for the Fall 2023 IT workshop schedule. 

***NOTE: Registration is REQUIRED for all online IT training sessions listed below.

For a sneak peek of the capabilities of Microsoft 365, please look at this brief video:
Office 365

IT Workshop Schedule - Fall 2023

Office 365: Introduction to Microsoft Excel Basics

Microsoft Excel allows you to enter, manipulate and display numbers and text in a spreadsheet- a grid composed of rows, columns, and cells. Participants will be introduced to the Excel user interface including the ribbon, menus, toolbars, and keyboard equivalents; cell, column, and row references; data entry and formatting; creating and copying simple formulas; setting up a spreadsheet for printing; creating charts; and data protection. The workshop will include hands-on exercises.

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Office 365: Microsoft Excel Advanced Level

In this workshop, participants with a basic knowledge of Excel will learn how to create pivot tables and pivot charts, audit and analyze data, utilize data tools, and collaborate with others using Excel. The workshop will include hands-on exercises.

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Office 365: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app built for hybrid work, so you and your team stay informed, organized, and connected — all in one place. Explore how Teams can help you and your colleagues come together no matter where you are: Chat - Message someone or a group to talk about work and share documents.

  • Check back soon

Office 365: Using Microsoft Word with OneDrive

OneDrive is a file storage service in the cloud and is part of Microsoft 365. Explore advantages of using OneDrive and how to access files from anywhere and working with Microsoft Word online through any device.

  • Check back soon

Office 365: Using Microsoft PowerPoint with OneDrive

This workshop introduces the basic skills required to create and edit a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Participants will learn how to create a new presentation, change the font and color of presentation text, create, and modify bulleted slides, insert clip art, and apply design templates share and store documents in OneDrive.

  • Check back soon

Introduction to DropBox

This workshop will cover how to login to your CUNY Dropbox account and some basic skills of Dropbox such as creating and sharing documents, creating folders, etc.

  • Check back soon

Office 365: Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms lets you create surveys, polls, and quizzes quickly and easily. Forms provide real-time results and built-in analytics. Explore how to use Microsoft forms to create a survey.

  • Check back soon

An Overview of Zoom Workshop

Explore how Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, online meetings, join, group messaging, breakout room and screen sharing into one, easy-to-use platform.

  • Check back soon

Blackboard Grade Center

The Blackboard Grade Center allows instructors to record grades for the various items to be included in the overall grade, compute intermediate and final grades, apply weights, and inform students of their grades. Assignments, tests, quizzes, discussions, etc. may be automatically added to the Grade Center as they are added to the course. Where appropriate, these items can be automatically graded. Grades may be downloaded to and uploaded from Excel.

  • Check back soon

Open Data: Bronx Community Connect

Bronx Community Connect provides a map-based platform to find, view and interact with publicly available data (open data) and Lehman College information. The goal of the site is to enable students, faculty, researchers, and the public to participate in their community by facilitating inquiry, exploration, and the development of creative applications. This site brings together information about health, population, education, urban sustainability, and other Bronx-related data from New York’s Open Data site.

  • Check back soon

Camtasia Studio

This workshop will introduce participants to Camtasia Studio and introduce the basic functions. Camtasia is a multi-media software that is licensed for the CUNY Faculty community. Faculty may download the program for FREE.

  • Check back soon