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Administration: Office of Campus Planning and Facilities

To Help Us Serve You Better

If there is a deadline when work must be completed or a special event requiring a set-up on a certain day by a particular time, clearly state the date, time and parameters on theĀ work orderrequest.

We endeavor to respond to work order requests in a timely manner; however, there are times when factors beyond our control affect our response time. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. If a work order has been submitted and there has been no response or follow-up call, contact the Buildings and Grounds office and ask to speak to the supervisor who assigns the work order.

Please keep in mind that only supervisors in the Buildings and Grounds Department walk with a notebook to record those service items verbally reported to them by the College Community, as they make their rounds. Other staff members such as custodians, maintenance workers and trades-people do not carry notebooks and often will, in the course of carrying out their assigned task, forget to report the service item or request reported to them. It is not intentional. Please call, e-mail ,or submit a work order to the Buildings and Grounds Office to report items requiring repair or attention.

Every member of the College community can help keep the campus clean by paying attention to litter, minor spills, and reporting other problems. When possible, if we all make the effort to clean up after ourselves and pick up that stray piece of litter we might see, not only does it remind others to do the same, but also ensures that the College will remain a beautiful and healthy place for us to work and learn in.

Input and observations from you, the occupants and users of the facilities, are the most important to us in servicing the facilities. We appreciate and encourage you to report anything out of order, including any problem and facility related issue. The cooperation of everyone is needed to help keep Lehman College operational and attractive.

If you have any questions or require additional information, call Rene M. Rotolo, Assistant Vice President for Campus Planning and Facilities, at 718-960-8226.