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Graduation Information

GraduationLocated in Shuster Hall, Room 175. Telephone: 718-960-7474

The Graduation area audits a student's course work to ensure satisfaction of the College's requirements for graduation.

Commencement Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony for the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer graduation candidates is held on the last days of May or early June. Check the Spring academic calendar for the latest information. 

Commencement Booklet

You must apply by April 1, 2016 in order for your name to appear on the commencement booklet.  NOTE: the commencement booklet is a listing of all candidates who have applied to graduate.

Ordering Caps & Gowns 

The website to order your Cap & Gown will close on Wednesday, April 6th. Participants in the Commencement Ceremony must wear appropriate academic attire. Caps and gowns are required. They may be purchased through the College Bookstore. To order a cap and gown please visit the College Graduation link.

Graduation Application Deadlines

Diploma distribution for our June 2, 2016 conferral date will be in October 2016.       




Conferral Date

Diploma Distribution


FEB 1, 2016

MAR 14, 2016

JUNE 2, 2016

SEP 2016


MAR 21, 2016

APR 25, 2016

SEP 01, 2016

NOV 2016

FALL 2016

SEP 15, 2016

OCT 14, 2016

JAN 01, 2017

MAR 2017


SEP 15, 2016

OCT 14, 2016

FEB 01, 2017

APRIL 2017


FEB 20, 2017

MAR 20, 2017

JUNE 01, 2017

SEP 2017


MAR 27, 2017

APR 24, 2017

SEP 01, 2017

NOV 2017

Graduation Requirements

In order to qualify for graduation, students must satisfy the following requirements:

Bachelor's Degree                                               

  • (120) cumulative credits
  • (30) credits in “Overall Residency”
  • At least ½ the number of credits in the declared major for “Major Residency”
  • All “General Education” requirements completed
  • All “Major” requirements completed
  • (2.0) GPA in declared Major
  • (2.0) GPA in overall credits completed

Master's Degree

  • At least (30) cumulative credits
  • At least ½ total graduate credits OR (18) credits in “Residency” (whichever is greater)
  • All “Major” requirements completed
  • (3.0) GPA in declared Major
  • (3.0) GPA in overall credits completed

Dual Majors and Dual Degrees

As students approach graduation you will have two (2) Diploma Options based on the number of credits attained:

TWO Diplomas

Students who have completed requirements for two (2) majors from different degree types (i.e.- BA and BS) must complete an additional (30 credits) in residence beyond the required (120 credits) for a total of (150 credits) in order to be awarded two (2) Diplomas.

ONE Diploma

Students who have completed requirements for two (2) majors from different degree types (i.e.- BA and BS) but have not reached at least (150 credits) cumulatively will only be awarded one (1) diploma with one degree type and major.  The second major will appear as a comment on your Official Transcript. 


Online Application Instructions

Filing for Graduation

Graduation Applications are being accepted ONLINE via CUNYfirst.

Eligible students will be sent email and telephone invitations with instructions on How to Apply and How to View Application Status.

A student who expects to graduate at the end of a semester must file an application for graduation by the deadline posted each semester. Students are asked to check their @ LC.CUNY.Edu email for the "Graduation Invitation" and "Online Application Instructions."  Any student who does not meet the requirements to graduate must cancel their graduation. Students may re-file in any subsequent semester in which graduation is anticipated.

  • Students MUST clear all Negative Service Indicators before graduation.

Incomplete Policy

Undergraduates: Incomplete (INC) grades must be resolved prior to the date of graduation. Students are responsible for contacting appropriate instructors regarding completion of course work and submission of final grades. INC grades still pending at the end of the semester following the one in which they were earned will be converted to a 'FIN' grade. All F, FIN, or WU grades will remain on a student's transcript and can never be changed after graduation.

Graduate Students: Graduation candidates who do not intend to complete the course work to clear an incomplete grade MUST sign a form in the Graduation Office.


Once your record has been audited for completion of program, your diploma may be obtained through one of the following methods: 

  • You may pick-up your diploma in the Office of the Registrar, Shuster Hall Room 175. Please call in advance (718) 960.7474.
  • You may send someone in your place, they must bring the completed, signed, and notarized Authorization Letter for Diploma Pick-up (see link below for forms), a valid government issued photo ID and a copy of the student’s valid government or Lehman issued photo ID.
  • You may bring or mail in a request to have your diploma mailed to your home or work.  Please send a Diploma Mailing Request (see link below for forms), with priority mailer from the U.S. Post Office, self-addressed and prepaid cardboard 12 ½ x 9 ½ mailer. (See our mailing address below)


You may order a new diploma if your old diploma has been damage, lost or stolen.  Please bring or mail in the following to complete your request (see our mailing address below):

  • A completed Diploma Re-Order Form (damaged, lost, or stolen) (see link below for forms).
  • Notarized statement stating that your old diploma has been damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Identification cards (two different forms of valid government issued IDs).
  • $30 check or money order.

Kindly note when picking up the replacement diploma, you are required to bring in the old diploma.

Our mailing address is: 

The Office of the Registrar
Shuster Hall Room 175
250 Bedford Park Blvd. West,
Bronx, NY 10468

Please be sure to verify and update your mailing address in the system. You may update your address online on CUNYfirst, in person at the Records & Transcripts Office (Shuster Hall, Room 175), or by mail.


Please download the Authorization Letter for Diploma Pick-up.

Your diploma and complimentary student transcript will be held at the Office of the Registrar if you have a Negative Service Indicator.


If you have any questions, please contact us at



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