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Community Housing Resources

This page will assist and provide resources for your housing search in the Bronx and NYC greater community. Below you will find resources and website listings that may assist with your search. 

Please note that Lehman College does not endorse or recommend any particular housing choice on all websites and resources listed below that are not affiliated with Lehman College. Students must remember to carefully review and evaluate any housing option when choosing where you will reside to ensure that it is suitable for student living.

Apartment/ Room Rental Search Engines

Short Term and Summer Housing

Housing Services and Programs within New York City

  • Residence Hall @ Brooklyn College - Registered students, current college faculty and staff members are eligible to live in on- RHBC Management. Residents do not have to be students of Brooklyn College. Student housing is provided for students attending any College or University.
  • Summit Apartments at Queens College - To qualify to live in Summit Apartments, you must be a CUNY student in good standing. You are expected to remain enrolled for the entire term of the License Agreement.
  • The Towers at City College of New York - Any student who is attending a CUNY institution, or any NYC based institution, as a full-time student (12+ credits for undergraduates, or 9+ credits for graduate students) is eligible to live in The Towers.
  • Educational Housing Services  - Educational Housing Services (EHS) provides Residential Housing within New York City that includes a Student Life component where activities and special events are held in and around the city. EHS offers a variety of housing options for students and interns. Fall, Spring & Summer terms available.
  • The Webster Apartments - A Not for Profit Women’s Residence- The Webster Apartments is a benevolent institution whose mission is to provide safe, affordable, temporary residences for working women of modest means.
  • InMyArea - Find providers and compare prices for Internet, Cable TV and other home services available in your specific area. This service is at no cost to students and includes free relocation consultations.

International Student Resources

Resources, Guides and Templates

Lehman Student Workshops - Each semester the Office of Housing and Residential Services will provide workshops for Lehman College Students and Prospective Students to provide tools and resources for obtaining housing in the Bronx and NYC greater community. Information will be posted to this website as the dates approach and sent via email to Lehman student addresses.

Bronx Community Information Portal - Lehman Community Connect provides a map-based platform to easily find, view and interact with publicly available data and Lehman College information.

Apartment Hunting Tips

Roommate Resources

Understanding your Renters Rights