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Lehman Scholarships/Merit-Based

Name Description Dept.
Abraham Ruskin Memorial Scholarship To assist outstanding students who are pursuing graduate studies in inter-disciplinary science or science education and to perpetuate the sconce portion of the education library. Biology Department
Ambuj Mureji Scholarship Fund Established by the Physics and Astronomy Department for a student concentrating inphysics and astronomy. Scholarship Office
Aramina Vega Ferrer Scholarship Established by Aramina Vega Ferre ('73), a teacher, school administrator, community leader and member of the Lehman College Foundation Board of Directors, for a student in education preparing to become a teacher. Scholarship Office
Archie Lacey Scholarship Established by the African-American Faculty Association for a senior with 3.0 GPA or better. Archie Lacey rose from a segregated childhood in Alabama to earn a degree in chemistry at Howard University. Teaching became his passion and vocation, and he served as full professor of science education at Lehman College, eventually becoming chair of the department. African and African-American Studies
Bordon Home Eco Fund Award to be given annually to a student majoring in Home Economics with the highest scholastic average in the senior year. Education Department
Brian Hosang Scholarship Fund Annual scholarship of $5,900 to a qualified student. Financial need, caribbean descent; overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. Majoring in Economics, Accounting and/or Business Administration Scholarship Office
Brohmer Twins Scholarship Established by Professor Emerita of Art Margaretha Brohmer Miller and her twin sister Anna Brohmer McKenna, for a senior majoring in art. Art Department
Bronx County Kennel Club
For a student of pre-veterinary medicine.
Pre-Professional Studies
Edward S. Burgess Memorial Fund Income to be expended for books for use by department. Biology Department
The Fanny Cafferata Class Of 1878 Award A prize from income to be awarded for excellence in the study of the Italian Language and Literature for graduate study. Languages & Literatures Department
Candido Maldonado '79 Scholarship Established through a bequest of Candido Maldonado ('79). This scholarship, for a student majoring in history, honors Candido’s history professor, CUNY Distinguished Professor Joseph Dauben, for his encouragement. Scholarship Office
Carol Casslar Memorial Scholarship Established by Nehemiah and Hannah Casslar in memory of their daughter Carol Casslar, who graduated in 1971, for students who give service to the community. Scholarship Office
Charles Greenberg Endowed Scholarship Established by brother and sister Martin Greenberg ('71) and Susan Greenberg Schneider ('73) in memory of their Uncle Charlie, who was a much loved volunteer in Lehman's Department of Athletics, for a student with interest in athletics and community service. Scholarship Office
Charles W. Hughs Scholarship Music History senior chosen by Music Department. Music Department
Chazin Scholarship Fund Established by the Louise Chazin Scholarship Committee in honor of Louise Chazin, a Bronx woman who fought to defend entitlements and services for senior citizens. Awarded to seniors committed to serving in fields related to aging. Social Work Department
Clarence P. Fenton Memorial Scholarship Endowment Established by his sister, alumna and adjunct faculty member Denise Fenton ('93) for a Black Studies student for whom the award will make a positive difference in his or her life. African/African American Studies
Class Of 1897 Music Award Income to be given to a Junior each year who, in the opinion of the Music Faculty, merits that award to further his musical education. Music Department
Darian Q. Armfield Scholarship Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 will be award annually only from the income and interest generated to a student in the Urban Male Leadership Program. Full time matriculated students major in social work with a 2.75 GPA Urban Male Leadership
Dawson Edgar Prizes In Political And Legal Theory Annual award from income to a graduating student with best record in courses of Political and Legal Theory. Political Science
Dean John Wieler Scholarship Established by the Lehman College Retirees Association, in memory of Dean John Wieler, an active member of the Lehman community, for a deserving student in any field of study. Scholarship Office
Dean Maria Herencia Scholarship Established by Maria Herencia, Lehman’s first Hispanic dean, for a deserving student pursuing a career in education. Scholarship Office
Dr. Alice Griffin Endowment Established by Alice V. Griffin, a retired English Professor, for students pursuing the Master of Arts in English with a concentration in literature. English Department
Dr. Jose Luis Fernandez Marchese Memorial Scholarship Established by Lehman President Ricardo R. Fernández and his wife Patricia Fernández in memory of his brother, for a student in any field of study. Scholarship Office
Dr. Mardel Ogilvie Scholarship Fund Established through her estate for an outstanding student in speech pathology. Scholarship Office
Edwin Kramer Scholarship Established by Cheryl Kramer and Ellen Kramer in honor of the late Edwin Kramer, Lehman's men's Basketball coach from 1969-1976, for a deserving student in education, psychology, sociology, or another human service field. Scholarship Office
Elaine Rivera Scholarship In Journalism A student majoring in journalism; must maintain a B average. Chosen from a pool of disadvantaged minority students, with special consideration given to first-generation student. An annual scholarship will be awarded in advance of the fall semester, and made available to the awardee for the fall semester. Scholarship Office
Elias Karmon Scholarship

Established by Elias Mr. Bronx Karmon, an honorary degree recipient of Lehman College and a distinguished community and business leader in the Bronx, for a deserving student in any field of study.

Scholarship Office
Emile Anders Choir Award Income to be given annually to a member of the College Choir for outstanding vocal or instrumental performance. Music Department
Emita B. Hill Adult Continuing Education Scholarship Established by Emita Hill, former Vice President for Institutional Advancement, in honor of founding president Leonard Lief and his wife Ruth Ann, to support a student at least 25 years old who is working in a multilingual or multicultural field, and is interested in womens leadership and education. Continuing and Adult Education
Emma A. Leschin Scholarship Established by Dean John W. Wieler and the estate of Eberhardt LeSchin in memory of his mother, for pre-medical or pre-dental students. Pre-Professional Studies
Estelle L. Popham Fund Established by the bequest of Ms. Popham, for business education majors completing their junior year. Business Education
Eve Guarnuccio Scholarship Fund Eligible female students pursuing their bachelor degree in nursing programs within the School of Natural and Social Scienes at Lehman College. Nursing Department
Frito-Lay Scholarship Established for a junior or senior in any field of study who demonstrates strong academic achievement and leadership capacity. Scholarship Office
Geldwerth Scholarship Established by Sherry Eitelberg, in honor of William Geldwerth, for students majoring in art. Art Department
George N. Shuster Faculty Fellowship The fund provides modest grants to full-time faculty in support of scholarly work nearing completion. It is administered by a committee of five: one representative from the Departments of Education, Humanities, and Social Science; the Executive Assistan Education/Humanities/Social Science
Gertrude B. Wertenbaker Scholarship Up to five awards of no more than $2,500 each from income for exceptionally promising graduates fo the College who will pursue graduate studies. Scholarship Office
Joseph A. Gillett Memorial Prize In Physics Income awarded annually to a member of senior class who, in opinion of Department, has most knowledge in General Physics. Physics Department
Gordon Lea Scholarship Established by the Faculty Senate, in memory of English professor Gordon B. Lea, for an outstanding student entering the senior year. English Department
Harry L. Glaser Memorial Established by Roslyn Gilbert, retired secretary in the Lehman College Department of English, for an outstanding student in business education. Business Education
Henry T. Crawford Scholarship Established by Mrs. Blanche Crawford in memory of her late husband, an adjunct professor at Lehman College and founder of the Bronx Observer, for a student of journalism. Scholarship Office
Williams C. Hess Memorial Prize $50.00 annually from income to two students for the best essay in the field of English literature. English Department
Howard R. Weisz Award A prize to be awarded each commencement for the best essay on United States History. History Department
Dr. Thomas Hunter Prize In History A prize from income to an outstanding senior recommended by a committee in the History Department. History Department
James V. Bruni Scholarship Fund Established by James Bruni, Lehman's former Dean of Education, for a math major completing a teacher certification program, and planning to teach math in urban middle and high schools. Scholarship Office
Jamie T. Parker Scholarship Established by alumnus Jamie Parker ('11) for a full-time student in good academic standing who is majoring in a science or health science field. Scholarship Office
Jane Harris Scholarship Established by Jane Harris, (BA '82), (MA '85), for students selected on the basis of merit by faculty in the Department of African and African-American Studies. African and African-American Studies
Joan Moody Scholarship Established by former Chair of the Economics Department John Cerace, his family, and friends to honor Joan Moody, who was employed in the Department of Economics for ten years, and whose daughter, Jacqueline Moody Luther, is a 1985 alumna. This scholarship is for a student majoring in economics or accounting. Economics/Accounting
John Kent Hilliard And Jane Mauk Hilliard Scholarship Established by retired administrator John Mauk Hilliard in honor of his parents Kent and Jane, for students in the humanities or history. Scholarship Office
Joseph Blanche Lewy 1904 Mem Fund Income awarded annually to a graduate senior who made progress in the study of Literature in the English Department. English Department
Joseph Dellicarri Memorial Scholarship Upper division student with exceptional musical talent. Music Department
Joseph Tusiani Scholarship Established by a faculty committee for entering or junior-level students with an interest in Italian-American culture. Languages & Literatures Department
Kane Prize Income awarded annually to a member of a graduating class for best record in Biological Sciences including both required and elective courses. Biology Department
Krames Scholarship Established by Mr. and Mrs. Barton Krames with their family and friends, in memory of their son Michael, to support students active in community service. Scholarship Office
Lee Benno Scholarship Fund Interest to be used for annual award to a student for outstanding excellence in Musical Studies. Music Department
Lehman College Foundation, Leadership Dinner Fund Established to support Lehman College Foundation scholar students. Scholarship Office
Lehman Scholars Program J.K. Watson summer fellows program to be used for the Lehman Scholars Program Scholarship Office
Leo Gilbert Memorial Award Established by Roslyn Gilbert, retired secretary in the Lehman College Department of English, in memory of her husband, to support an outstanding student in English. English Department
Leona Thompson Scholarship Fund Established in honor of Leona Thompson, Lehman's first professor of social work, to award a prize to a senior in social work for academic achievement and acceptance to graduate school. Social Work Department
Margaret A. Rice Scholarship Fund This scholarship is to support a student majoring in journalism, who plans to spend his or her life serving the public though the written word. Scholarship Office
Margaret Spahr Chi Alpha Prizes A prize awarded annually from income for a graduating senior with the best record in Social Sciences. Political Science Department
Marjorie Anderson Memorial Fund Income to be used for graduate studies in English. English Department
Mary Neil White Scholarship Fund A $450 award from income to a graduate designated by the President of the College who shows superior promise for graduate study. To be designated by the Lehman College graduate scholarship fund committee. Scholarship Office
Maureen Sullivan Wenz An award to a graduating senior who excelled in the field of Political Science. Political Science Department
Maurice & Lena Jacobs Memorial Scholarship Established by Rosanne Wille, Dr. George B. Jacobs, and his brother Stephen B. Jacobs in honor and memory of their parents. For the most scholarly nursing student. Nursing Department
Mosher Anna Weustoff Fund Income to be used by the authorities of the College for worthy students who have completed nine credits of German major courses, and for whom such a a grant would be helpful in the further pursuit of their studies. Languages & Literatures Department
Mountbatten Institute Scholarship Program In London Established by James Gomez, the internship offers practical experience through participation and training in business, while developing international and cross-cultural awareness through residence in Britain. Scholarship Office
Ottinger Amelia Debate Prize Income awarded annually to a student or students judge the best speaker in a public discussion on a topic approved by the Department. Speech and Hearing Sciences
Patricia Cockram Endowment In English Established by Thomas Sullivan to fund two scholarships for undergraduate students who have made a life/career change to pursue a degree in English. English Department
Ram & Shakuntla Nayyar And Lilia T. Pacquing Scholarship Established by Anil Nayyar and Sal Nayyar in loving memory of their parents and mother-in-law, and in recognition of their long-term support of higher education. For a full-time student who is a U.S citizen; sophomore or junior majoring in Sciences or Health Sciences; involved in campus and/or community activities. Scholarship Office
Reverend Edward Leman Davis, Sr. Scholarship Established by Alder Davis for continuing education students enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant program. Nursing Department
Rose Moehring Endowed Scholarship Established in memory of Rose Moehring, a former faculty member, by her sister Dr. Ann Domidion, family members, and friends to support a student preparing to teach in secondary school." Scholarship Office
Ruth Kolbe Mischkind Scholarship Established by Dr. Louis Mischkind and Anne Perryman (MA '93) for a promising student in the Department of English. Scholarship Office
San Diego Foundation Family Trust Established by Hubert F. Gordon, for students interested in African and African-American Studies. African and African-American Studies
Shirin Ebadi Peace Scholarship Established by 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi to support an undergraduate focusing on peace studies and/or gender equity. Provost Office
Susanmay Wilson Prize Prize of $100 to be awarded annually to a graduating student majoring in Speech and Theatre who has an academic average of 3.0 or higher, and who had made an outstanding contribution to the department. Speech and Hearing Sciences
Sweeny Scholarship Established by friends, students , and colleagues of Professor Emeritus Arthur Sweeny, for students of merit majoring in chemistry. Scholarship Office
The Corigliano Music Scholarships At Lehman College Established by friends of the award-winning composer and CUNY Distinguished Professor John Corgiliano, for students studying music. Music Department
The Dr. Thomas K. Minter Scholarship Fund A scholarship of $1,000 is to be awarded to a mid-career student who is pursuing a MastersDegree in Educational Leadership. The recipient may only receive the scholarship award once. The student will need to submit a personal statement outlining his/her career goals as well as his/her commitment to serve marginalized populations. Education Department
The Henry D. Thompson Award Geograph Money to be used for educational purposes of the department, at the discretion of the Department Chairman, subject to review by the Department Personnel and Budget Committee. Geography Department
The Hirsch Scholarship Established through a bequest by Ella and Mazie R. Hirsch for graduates of the interdisciplinary program in physical anthropology, biology, & chemistry who are entering medical school. Sciences
The Ira & Julie Cohen Scholarship A scholarship $5,800 per year will be awarded to a freshman registered in the department of economics, accounting, and business administration. To be awarded as an annual basis to cover full tuition cost at Lehman. Scholarship Office
The Pierre & Dorothy Brodin Scholarship Established to suuport students majoring in the field of humanities. Scholarship Office
The Thomas Jensen Memorial Scholarship Fund Established by Dr. David & Mona Spector. A Scholarship of $1,000; recipient recommended by the Biology Department Chairperson, undergraduate student in biology, majoring in biology, in the bachelor of science track. Must have a 3.5 GPA & complete the 4 years of their BA degree at Lehman. Biology Department
Theodore & Beatrice Hartman Scholarship Established by Theodore and Beatrice Hartman ('82), to support a student majoring in English with an education minor. English Department
Ulysses Kay Scholarship Established by the Department of Music, in memory of the late Lehman College professor of music Ulysses Kay, for deserving students majoring in composition. English Department
Yvette Nicole Moreno Scholarship Established by Sullivan & Cromwell colleagues in memory of Ms. Yvette Nicole Moreno Lehman student who tragically passed during the attacks on 9/11, to support a student majoring in sociology or psychology. Scholarship Office