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Classroom Technology Support Services

Classroom Types

Lehman provides classroom technology with HyFlex capabilities. HyFlex Classroom Lehman Classroom Technology Including HyFlex Capabilities

(1) Standard Room (SR1)

  • Touch Screen Control Panel HyFlex Control Panel
  • Instructor Computer
  • 24" Touch Screen Lectern Display
  • Ceiling Mounted Laser Projector HyFlex Projector
  • 10 foot wide Front Projection Screen
  • 65" Wall Mounted LCD 4K Monitor HyFlex LCD Monitor
  • Intelligent Optical Tracking Camera HyFlex Camera
  • Wall Mounted Speakers
  • Wireless Collaboration Gateway HyFlex Wireless Collaboration
  • Ceiling Mounted Beam Forming Microphones HyFlex Microphone
  • External HDMI Connection for External Devices

(2) Standard Room Short Throw Interactive (SR2)

  • SR1 Capabilities
  • +Short Throw Interactive Projector

(3) Standard Room Plus (SR+) Interactive or Front projection (SR3)

  • SR2 Capabilities
  • +Additional Short Throw Interactive and/or Front Projector
  • Multi Output Scaler

(4) Advanced Presentation Space (APS) – Large Venue/Lecture Hall (SR4)
This type of room design is appropriate for large teaching and learning spaces such as lecture halls.

  • SR3 Capabilities
  • +6 - 8 Multi Input/Output Scalers