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Administration: Office of Budget and Planning at Lehman College


The mission of the Office of Budget and Planning (OB&P) is to effectively manage Lehman College’s financial planning and budgeting process, which include planning functions, developing models and forecasting long-term financial projections in support of its mission of education, research and public service ensuring compliance with College, University and State regulations.


  • To provide high quality, objective, accurate and timely financial information and analysis to campus executive management and individual units to facilitate the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the College’s budgeting process to inform decision making and strategic planning.
  • To provide institutional support by accurately summarizing the College’s operating budget and expenses into a multi-year Financial Plan as well as, ensuring that monthly and quarterly financial reports are reviewed, analyzed and shared with appropriate stakeholders in a timely manner.
  • To continue our partnership with various units within the University in the effective administration of the College’s Position Management process. This includes establishing, adding, changing and maintaining organizational designations within the university structure.
  • To continue employing the latest technology to automate budgetary information, improve business processes and thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the department while promoting accountability and transparency of financial resource allocations.