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Information for Conditionally Accepted Students

Below you will find answers to many of your questions, information to share with your family and printable forms that will help you successfully enroll.

1. What does a conditional acceptance mean?

A conditional acceptance means that Lehman College and the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program will provide you with an opportunity to study at Lehman College as long as you meet the College's and the SEEK Program's requirements for admission.

2. What is the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program?

The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program (Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge) is a state-funded educational opportunity Program of the City University of New York. The Program provides access to the University's senior colleges under non-traditional admissions criteria for talented and motivated high school graduates who need academic and financial support. Click here for more information.

3. What are the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program's admission requirements?

  1. Attend a SEEK Readiness Meeting
  2. Take the CUNY Skills Test(s)
  3. Submit Commitmment Form & Proof of Income for SEEK Economic Eligibility
  4. Submit proof of Immunization/Meningitis
  5. File FASFA
  6. Submit your high school diploma
  7. Attend SEEK Summer Orientation
  8. Attend and complete SEEK Summer Program
  9. Attend Lehman College Orientation and register for classes
  10. Pay tuition

For more in-depth information refer to the Ten-Steps-to-Successful-Enrollment-Brochure

Special Note:
Available seats for the entering freshman class are limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are urged to complete all required activities and procedures according to the schedules provided by the SEEK program.

4. How should I prepare for the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Readiness Meeting?

Please review the Ten Steps to Successful Enrollment Brochure.

5. What should I do if I cannot attend the Readiness Meeting?

Please e-mail the SEEK Office immediately at

6. How do I schedule an appointment to take the CUNY Skills test(s)?

You may contact Lehman's Office of Testing and Scholarships at (718) 960-8156 or you can visit their website by clicking here.

7. Can I take part in the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program if I am not a citizen of the United States?

Yes, as long as you are a resident of New York and you meet all of Lehman College's and SEEK Program's requirements. You are entitled to all SEEK Program services except for SEEK, federal and state financial aid benefits.

8. Is the SEEK Pre-Freshman Summer Program Mandatory?

Yes, you must complete the Pre-Freshman Summer Program to be part of the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program.

9. When does the Pre-Freshman Summer Program begin?

The summer program begins during the last week of June and ends during the second week of August.

10. What times are the courses during the Pre-Freshman Summer Program?

Class times vary between the hours of 9am - 4pm  Monday thru Thursday. However, you must be prepared to be available and on campus during additional days and times as there may be other activities that you are required to attend.

11. What if I need to take summer school in order to graduate from high school?

You must meet with one of the SEEK counselors or email the SEEK Office immediately at

12.What is the economic criteria for SEEK ?

Economic eligibility depends on a number of factors ( i.e. members of the household, amount of income, number of members in the household etc.) , please use the guideline below for informational purposes only.


Number of members in the household

(including head of household)

Total Annual Income

(2014 Base Year)



For 9 plus persons
Add $7,696 for each additional person.

13. Where can I find out more information about Financial Aid?

Financial aid is located in Shuster Hall, Room 136. You can also visit their website by clicking here.

14. What should I do if I am found to be economically ineligible?

We may be able to assist you with other options. Please e-mail the SEEK Office immediately at

15. How do I complete my Immunization requirements?

You may fax, mail, or bring you immunization requirements in to the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center is located in the T-3 Building, Room 118.

Please click here for their contact information and forms.

16. What is a Freshman Commitment Form?

A Freshman Commitment Form is a document used to indicate your commitment to attend a specific college. If you have received multiple acceptances, this form is used to confirm your decision to attend a specific college.

17. Do I have to sign a Commitment Form for the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program?

Yes, the SEEK Program at Lehman College requires you to sign a commitment form. Please click here to download and print a copy of the SEEK Program Commitment Form.

18. Does signing a Commitment Form guarantee my acceptance to Lehman College/ SEEK Program?

No, signing a commitment form does not guarantee you admission to the College nor the SEEK Program. You must complete all admission requirements by their respective deadlines and meet eligibility requirements in order to successfully enroll as a student.

19. What happens if I do not pass one or more skills test?

 SEEK student who do not pass one or more skills test are required to enroll in workshops/classes until they pass the respective tests. Students are given ONE year* to pass the Reading/Writing Skills tests and TWO years to pass the math skills test. Students who do not pass the test within the year(s) specified will be dismissed from the college.

* Students who are ESL (English as a Second Language) learners are allowed TWO years to pass the Reading/Writing Skills test. However, they must meet the college’s requirements for being ESL.