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Planning and Reservations

Non-Lehman Sponsored Event

Under consideration, Lehman College Departments may elect to sponsor events for Non-Lehman affiliated organizations, and request to have some or all venue fees waived.
In order for an on-campus activity to qualify for sponsorship status, the proposed event must meet the following conditions:

  • The relationship between the non-Lehman organization and the Lehman College department must be established.
  • The nature of the event must be beneficial and in-line with the Department's goals, vision, and curriculum.
  • The Lehman Department sponsoring the event must appoint a primary contact person as the liaison between the non-Lehman organization, and the Office of Event Planning and Reservations for all event related communications.
  • The sponsored event must be free of charge for all attendees (i.e. no fees can be charged to attend the event).
  • The event must be approved and signed by the sponsoring Department's Dean or Vice President.

Below you will find the Non-Lehman Sponsored Event Form, please submit all documents required via email for review. Please note, the review process for a non-Lehman sponsored event may take up to 30 business days.



We require that all external (non-affiliated) organizations who are utilizing space at Lehman College provide insurance documentation. For information about insurance coverage, please contact the Office of Event Planning and Reservations at 718-960-7307.

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