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Latino Studies / Estudos Latinos / Estudios Latinos

Enhance your professional and personal life by exploring the cultural and political impact of Latinos in the U.S. This online Latino studies program is ideal for those working with Latino populations, whether it be in business, media, education, health, or technology. Open enrollment allows for a multi-cultural and multi-lingual discussion of important Latino topics.

Self-Paced trilingual online course content offered in English, Spanish or Portuguese combined with live online office hours with faculty and peers.  

International students outside of the U.S. can take courses online with no visa requirement, and no English proficiency, earning a valuable Lehman College Certificate and connecting with American professors and peers in the process. 

Para visualizar esta página em português, vá até o final da página, clique na seta do Google Translate e e selecione "Português"

Para ver esta página en español, desplácese hasta la parte inferior de la página, haga clic en la flecha del Google Translate y seleccione "Español"


  • HS diploma or equivalency in your own country.
  • Program is taught 100% online. Students must have a device with a camera, microphone/speakers, stable internet connection and a Gmail account.



You must complete four (4) of the courses listed with a grade of C or better to earn a Lehman Certificate. To request your Lehman Certificate, please email with “Certificate Request” as the subject line.

Students are encouraged to continue their studies and apply to Lehman’s B.A. in Latino Studies Program and earn up to 4 undergraduate credits for prior learning for their non-credit Lehman Latino Studies Certificate.


Latinos in the United States

A comparative study of the social, political, and economic processes affecting Latino groups in the United States. The course provides ample discussion on different Latino groups and their cultural, ethnic, and social dynamics, and the impacts that their livelihoods in the United States shape identity, race, ethnicity, gender, economics, and health.

LAT 01 / 8 Modules / 45 hours / Self-Paced Online

Latino Media  

The course examines the interpretations, productions, and impacts of Latino media in the U.S., including television, radio, film, advertising, newspapers, and magazines. Students will explore ways in which intense migration and transnationalism have generated new notions of Latin American and Latino identity in the United States today. 

LAT02 / 8 Modules/ Self-Paced Online

Latino Political Economy

Examine the role of migration from Latin America and the Caribbean towards the US, and how these flows shape the "Political Economy" of Latino Populations in the United States. Students will explore issues of power, history, and politics, and the role of "Political Economy" in shaping the lives of Latino Populations in the United States using an interdisciplinary approach rooted in anthropology, sociology, history, ethnic studies and cultural studies.

LAT03 / 8 Modules / Self-Paced Online

Latino Migrations 

The course examines Latin America as a hemisphere on the move, with attention not only to mass migrations to the United States but also within the region. Students will analyze the multiple forces impacting the region’s economic, political, and cultural development from the colonial period to the present using interdisciplinary approaches. 

LAT04 / 8 Modules / Self-Paced Online

Latino Social Movements

Examine large-scale sociopolitical, economic, and cultural movements within Latino communities in the United States. Focuses on the 20th and 21st centuries, with an emphasis on civil rights, human rights, and the ongoing challenges that Latinos face within the origins and contestations of these social movements. Includes: citizenship, migration, race/ethnicity, labor movements, women's rights, LGBTQI+ rights, eduction, environmental, institution building, and the origins of Puerto Rican Studies.

LAT05 / 8 Modules / 45 hours / Self-Paced Online



Mila Burns


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