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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

Policies & Procedures

Registration & Fees

Full payment for tuition and fees is required at the time of registration, prior to attending class(es).  

In addition to tuition fee(s), a Registration fee of $25 is due each semester (spring, summer, fall).

Online payment may be made by MasterCard, VISA or Discover credit or debit cards online. REGISTER ONLINE at 


      • Each registrant must have an individual record. In the contact information, include one regularly used phone number and actively used e-mail address. If registering a child or teen, you must use their name when registering each one separately.
      • It is strongly recommended that prospective students register at least 5 business days prior to class start to guarantee a spot. Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requests for Accommodation

If you wish to inquire about disability services, please email the Continuing Education Registrar Maryann Drago-Dowling at to discuss your individual needs. Requests for accommodation must be accompanied by documentation of disability. Please submit requests and documentation well in advance of your class start date to ensure that reasonable accommodation requests can be processed in a timely manner.


Textbooks may be purchased online at,, and others. E-mail for book information.

COVID-19 Update

In accordance with the official expiration of the public health emergency declaration, proof of COVID-19 vaccination for in-person classes are no longer required. However, to gain access to the College Campus and CUNY on the Concourse, students and visitors must present a valid photo ID.

Course Substitutions

Course substitutions require written permission from the program coordinator.

Grades, Certificates & Transcripts


Unofficial grades are available in the CampusCE student account at the conclusion of each semester once any balance due to the College is paid. Access your records by logging into your account using

Certificates & Transcripts

PDF Copy: Request a PDF of your certificate or transcript copy by completing the request form

Hard Copy: Request a Certificate to be mailed: complete certificate request form. A $25 certificate fee* must be processed for each certificate to be mailed to you. Call 718-960-8512 or visit - General Information links.

*Exceptions: No certificate fee required for Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, or English as a Second Language courses. Certificates are not issued for children’s classes.


Registration Fees of $25 for the semester are nonrefundable.

Course Refunds 
Non-Credit Courses (greater than 4-weeks in duration) 

      • 100% refund, less registration fee- if written notification prior to 1st class.
      • 50% refund, less registration fee- if written notification prior to 2nd class.
      • No refund after second class session.

Non-Credit Courses (less than 4-weeks in duration) including CAP10, VPW10 and SWA10) 

      • 100% refund, less registration fee- if written notification prior to 1st class access.
      • No refund after first class session access.

If eligible for a 100% or 50% refund, students’ refund request MUST be made in writing by emailing ce@lehman.cuny. edu. Credit/ debit card refunds are processed promptly after cancellation. Depending on the bank associated with your card, a refund could take 1-4 weeks to appear in your statement. 

Third-Party refunds: Any amount paid to the College by an employer, union, workforce centers or other third-party will be returned to the payer within a reasonable period if services were not delivered to the student in accordance with the refund policies of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. 

100% refund including registration fee, if the course is canceled by the college. 

Student Illness 
Students who email illness/accident documentation to ce@ during same semester of class(es), may be eligible to repeat the course within the next semester. Student eligible to repeat the course are responsible for the$25 registration fee due each semester. Students are granted only a one-time repeat course offer due to illness and are responsible for any tuition increase.

Tuition Refund/Credit Appeal Form 
If you believe you have valid reasons for seeking an exception to the School of Continuing & Professional Studies – Continuing Education’s refund policies, you can apply for a "Request for Tuition Refund/Credit." These exceptions undergo careful review by the Tuition Credit Review Committee and are typically granted only in cases of significant hardship or unusual circumstances. To start the process, please follow the instructions diligently and complete the Tuition Refund/Credit Appeal Form, which is available online. Each case is assessed based on its unique merits, and all completed forms must be submitted together for consideration by the Committee to ensure a fair and thorough review.

Locations & Cancellation

Online Courses:  

Zoom links will be emailed to you the Friday before your class starts. If you have not received a zoom link, please call 718-960-8512 or email

In-Person Course:  

In-person courses are held at CUNY on the Concourse, 2501 Grand Concourse, 3rd Floor or Lehman Main Campus, 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West. Please check your course registration for your course location.  Your room number will emailed the Friday before class starts. Please call 718-960-8512 or email if you are unsure about your course location. 

Course Cancellation:
In the event a course is cancelled, we will notify students by email; however, students should verify the status of courses by emailing no earlier than 24 hours prior to the first class session.

Program Certificate Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive a program certificate, students must have a HS diploma/GED, satisfy all prerequisites, successfully complete all course requirements listed with a passing grade of C or better, attend a minimum of 80% class sessions for certificate program courses and have no debts due the College. 

Certificate Program Grade Legend: 

Students may register for individual courses unless otherwise specified. 

Continuing Education Units 

A CEU represents a nationally recognized instrument for documenting participation in non-credit programs. One CEU equals 10 hours of class participation. Continuing education units may not be transferred to a degree-bearing program. 

Campus ACCESS 

Non-Credit students attending class in-person must bring the following to every class session:  

      • Photo I.D.
      • Campus CE course receipt



Lehman College   

Metered parking at muni-meters may be available on Goulden Avenue and on Bedford Park Boulevard West. Street parking may be available on Paul Avenue and Reservoir Avenue and further north on Goulden Avenue. 

CUNY on the Concourse Parking 
Street parking may be available. Municipal parking is available at the parking garage on Jerome Avenue at 190th Street. 

General Info 

The College reserves the right to cancel courses, adjust curricula and hours, close facilities, substitute instructors, change locations, substitute equipment or limit enrollment without notice. For the latest course and schedule information, please visit and view brochure online. CE is not responsible for typographic errors in this brochure or on the CE website. 

Code of Conduct  
Students should refer to the Lehman College Campus Rules and Regulations at

Helpful Links 

COVID-19 Vaccination In-person Class Requirements 

Latest Brochure with Course Date Revisions 

Continuing Education Policies and Procedures 

Lehman College Main Campus Virtual Tour   

Maps & Directions to Lehman College Main Campus 

CUNY on the Concourse Municipal Parking 

Tax Credits  

NOTICE: Form 1098-T is not used or provided for Lehman non-degree courses provided by Continuing Education. Lehman College Tax-ID is only used by Lehman College Degree Courses.

Lifetime Learning Credit (LLC): This credit applies to tuition and fees to earn a degree or other recognized educational credential to geta job or to improve your job skills. You must file Form 8863 and have your tuition receipt inplace of Form 1098-T.

American Opportunity Tax Credit(AOTC): This credit applies to tuition, fees, and course materials such as books and supplies needed for the course of study. You must file Form 8863 and have your tuition receipt inplace of Form 1098-T which is not provided fornon-credit courses.

Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit: You may be eligible for this credit if your child,under age 13, is enrolled in our Summer DayCamp. Form 2441 must be filed. As LehmanC ollege is tax-exempt, enter “Tax-Exempt” where Form 2441 asks for the Employer Identification Number (EIN).

For all of these credits, you are advised to consult a tax professional and for eligibility and other rules.

Spring 2023 Calendar Holidays — No Classes
December 24 -26, 2022  
Sat - Mon Christmas/Kwanzaa Holidays       

December 27-30, 2022  
Tue-Fri Winter Recess       

December 31-January 2, 2023  
Sat-Mon New Years Holiday      

January 16  Mon Martin Luther King Jr. Day        

February 12 – 13, 2023   
Sun – Mon  Lincoln’s Birthday

February 20, 2023  
Mon President’s Day       

April 5 – 13, 2023   
Wed – Thur Spring recess      

May 27-29, 2023  
Mon Memorial Day Weekend