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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

IRS Enrolled Agent Courses

IRS Enrolled Agent classes online at Lehman College in the Bronx. An Enrolled Agent is a tax professional who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled Agents, like attorneys and certified public accountants, are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, which types of tax matters they can handle and which IRS offices they can practice before.

Pay Average in NYC is $25 per hour ($52,102 annually).

This program fulfills the educational requirements of the Internal Revenue Service to sit for the Special Enrollment Exam (SEE) which is a three-part examination. Those who pass both the examinations and the background check are Enrolled Agents.


  1. CFM 46 or tax preparation course/ experience
  2. Program is taught 100% live online and basic computer skills are required



You must complete all required courses listed with a grade of C or better to earn a Lehman Certificate. To request your Lehman Certificate, please email with “Certificate Request” as the subject line.


  1. Individual Taxation and Ethichs (ENR 100/1 / 18 sessions / 41.5 hours/ Online) Taxation: 41.5 NYS CPE credits*
  2. Business Taxation (ENR 100/2 / 15 sessions /36 hours/ Online) Taxation: 36 NYS CPE credits*
  3. Introduction to Individual & Business Taxation (CFM 46 / 10 sessions / 27.5 hours)

*N.Y.S. CPE Credit

The Lehman College SCPS is approved by the N.Y.S. Education Department State Board for Public Accountancy to offer certified public accountants and/or public accountants mandatory CPE credits under N.Y.S. License # 002749. Noted with the courses in the Personal Financial Planning Program and the IRS Enrolled Agent Preparation Program are the number of hours of CPE credits and the CPE subject area(s) covered. Upon completion of the course, participants receive certificate(s) of completion. Participants must inform the instructor(s) during the first class that the course is being taken for mandatory CPE hours for N.Y.S. Licensed accountants. For NYS CPE requirements, go to




For COURSE SCHEDULES or to REGISTER click this link.