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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

Take your CLEP exam in the Bronx

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a rigorous College Board program that allows students to demonstrate their mastery of college-level material and earn college credit. CLEP offers examinations that represent courses typical of the first two years of college study. Lehman College provides credit for successful scores on several CLEP exams (see table).



The following table lists the exam(s) for which credit is granted and the equivalent course you would bypass at Lehman College. Please check with other colleges for their course equivalents.

American Government POL 166 (3crs)
American Literature ENG 227 (3crs)
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature ENG 222 (3crs)
Business Law BBA 336 (3crs)
Calculus MAT 175 (4crs) & MAT 176 (4crs)
College Algebra MAT 104 (3crs)
College Composition ENG 111 (3crs)
College Mathematics MAT 135 (3crs)
Educational Psychology *PSY 9999 (3crs)
English Literature ENG 223 (3crs)
Financial Accounting *ACC 9999 (3crs)
General Biology BIO 166 (4crs) & BIO 167 (4crs)
General Chemistry CHE 166/167 (5crs) & CHE 168/169 (5crs)
History of the U.S. I HIS 243 (3crs)
History of the U.S. II HIS 244 (3crs)
Human Growth & Development HIN 268 (3crs)
Humanities HUM 250 (3crs)
Information Systems CIS 211 (4crs)
Introductory Psychology PSY 166 (3crs)
Introductory Sociology SOC 166 (3crs)
Natural Science *GEO 9999 (4crs)
Pre-Calculus MAT 172 (4crs)
Principles of Macro-Economics ECO 166 (3crs)
Principles of Marketing BBA 332 (3crs)
Principles of Management BBA 204 (3crs)
Principles of Micro-Economics ECO 167 (3crs)
Social Science and History *SOC 9999 (3crs) & *HIS 9999 (3crs)
Western Civilization I HIS 246 (3crs)
Western Civilization II HIS 247 (3-6crs)
French, Spanish or German *LAE 9999 (3-6crs depending on the score)

Ready to take your CLEP Exam?

STEPS TO REGISTERING FOR A CLEP EXAM at the Test Center at Lehman College – CUNY On the Concourses, 2501 Grand Concourse, 3rd Floor, Bronx

  1. Create your account and pay exam fee at
  2. Schedule your exam date at CUNY on the Concourses and pay registration fee. Click here.

Once registered, you will be contacted to confirm a specific appointment date.

For more information regarding CLEP Registration, email


When you take a CLEP exam, you can select the institution that should receive your scores. An official score report will automatically be forwarded to the school. You will also receive an unofficial copy of your score for your records immediately after the examination (except for College Composition).

If you do not indicate where you would like your score sent when you register on, you can always request a transcript at a later time for a fee using the Transcript Request Form. The Test Center at Lehman College does not send scores to schools.

Information on CLEP exam practice materials can be found on the CLEP website

Course Schedule and Registration

For COURSE SCHEDULES or to REGISTER click this link.