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March 13, 2020

A Message from Lehman College President Daniel Lemons

Campus was quiet today, but that does not mean nothing was happening.

We have entered the third phase of our response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, the first being personal hygienic and other actions to reduce exposure to the virus; the second being the cessation of on-campus class meetings and events, and the third, identifying all other ways to reduce exposure for the staff and faculty who remain on an open campus.

We are in the active planning stage for lowering our human density to the absolute minimum required to carry on the many functions needed to complete spring term and prepare for summer and fall.

We have two goals in phase 3:

  • Maintaining operations as completely as possible while minimizing the risk to anyone’s health
  • Limiting the number of individuals on campus to keep density low. To achieve these goals, we will be implementing a number of changes in all service areas on campus which you will learn about on Monday.

Thank you for being flexible, and understanding that we are going through a very challenging time; one that calls out for the best in all of us. Lehman College has never experienced this kind of crisis and every hour brings a new development. We have to respond quickly, and often with much less information than we could use.

We will make some mistakes. I ask that each person in the Lehman Community make an extra effort to be understanding and kind. We have to get through this together.

As always, try to have a good weekend, but above all, be safe and keep your exposure as limited as you can. COVID-19 is lurking everywhere, and it is going to spread.


Daniel Lemons

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