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Momentum Newsletter
Momentum Newsletter

I am continually amazed at the innovation taking place at Lehman—from exciting campus-based projects and game-changing academic and technology initiatives, to the remarkable achievements of our students and faculty—the college is a buzzing hive of activity. Too often, these endeavors remain invisible or unknown to all but those directly involved, when they deserve to be broadcast across the campus community and beyond. To remedy this, I am launching a monthly newsletter to the community, Momentum. Each issue will highlight a development, accomplishment, or project that is moving the college forward—and, I hope, broaden our collective awareness of institutional goals and all that we are doing to reach them.

This month, we will focus on how Lehman is transforming its physical plant to better serve our community. In the past year, you may have noticed some major construction projects on the Lehman campus—and there are more to come. This work is necessary to improve student amenities, provide additional instruction space, enhance teaching and learning experiences across campus, and serve the entire community. Here is an overview of some of the projects that are underway or will begin soon.

Performing Arts Center

The extension of the Performing Arts Center lobby, new box office, new seating, and addition of ADA-compliant features will enable the PAC—the first world-class performance venue in the Bronx—to expand its audience while offering the highest-caliber programming for years to come. Like the PAC, the APEX athletic center serves not only the campus, but the surrounding community. Necessary roof and plaza renovations, which have been underway since May 2017 are scheduled for completion in December.

Nursing, Education, Research and Practice Center

Old Gym 102 is being renovated to make room for the campus bookstore. This renovation is part of the college’s master plan to create a student union in the Old Gym building. Why is the bookstore moving? Before too long, you will see a new building take shape in its place: a state-of-the-art Lehman Nursing, Education, Research and Practice Center. Nursing is one of the college’s largest degree programs; ours is the largest public program of its kind between SUNY Binghamton and Hunter College in Manhattan, and the only such program in the Bronx. This $63 million, 51,500 sq. ft. facility will provide our nursing programs with additional instruction space for a growing enrollment. In addition to updated teaching and training technologies that support current nursing pedagogy, campus-based simulation labs, and traditional clinical placements in the community, the new center will provide resources for candidates in our new doctoral program in nursing practice to engage in research. The Nursing, Education, Research and Practice Center will contribute more opportunities for high-quality health care education in New York City —and, in turn, better health care opportunities for New Yorkers.

The Leonard Lief Library will get an upgrade to the first floor and the computer labs. A modern redesign of the circulation area will enhance services for students, and improve workflow for staff. Much-needed additions and updates to the library’s technology resources will better support student learning and research.

Davis HallDavis Hall

The third phase of renovations to the teaching labs in Davis Hall and Carman Hall have begun. In Davis Hall, two vacant research labs are being renovated into new Anatomy and Physiology teaching labs, replacing the existing teaching labs that date from the 1960s. Anatomy and Physiology is offered by the Department of Biological Sciences as a general education course; the facility is used by the Department of Nursing, as well as students majoring in dietetics, foods and nutrition, and health education. The new lab will incorporate new teaching techniques which utilize computers and software programs to show detailed anatomical structures and simulate physiological experiments.

In Carman Hall, renovations are underway to the existing Middle and High School Education Science Teaching Lab, located in room B11, to create an updated and flexible “wet” teaching laboratory designed to instruct middle and high school science teachers in proper laboratory teaching methods and safety in chemistry, biology, physics, and earth science education. Room B15 in Carman Hall is being renovated to create classroom space and a laboratory prep room accessible to the new teaching lab.

The following projects are currently out to bid for construction:
  • Renovation of the Speech and Theatre Building outdoor amphitheater
  • Phase 2 Utility Upgrade – fuel tank and Music north and south plaza replacement

The following projects have completed design and will be bid for construction:

  • Construction of Teaching and Learning Commons – Center for Innovation in Research and Pedagogy
  • Department of Social Work expansion to Davis Hall

The following projects are currently in the design phase:

  • Upgrade of our campus-wide emergency power systemsConstruction of Teaching and Learning Commons – Center for Innovation in Research and Pedagogy
  • Replacement of windows in Shuster Hall
  • Restoration of the facades of Shuster Hall and Fine Arts building
  • Renovation of Lovinger Theatre for ADA compliance
  • Creation of a new media jobs incubator and innovation lab
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrade of Carman Hall and Shuster Hall main data hubs
In addition, we are hiring consultants to begin the design phase for these projects:
  • Waterproofing and replacement of the pavers for the APEX plaza
  • Waterproofing and replacement of pavers of the campus tunnel system
  • Renovation of the Gillet Auditorium
  • Conversion of classrooms into networked smart rooms
The result of all this activity will be cutting-edge teaching, learning, and research facilities, improved student services, and accessible community resources—resources that will advance Lehman’s role as an educational, cultural, and economic engine of change in the Bronx. By expanding and renewing Lehman’s physical campus, we will expand and renew its mission in the community, address the needs of our diverse and growing student body, promote innovative faculty teaching and research, and ready ourselves for the future.

José Luis Cruz

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