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Photo ID Schedule

Photo ID Schedule for January - February 2023
Thursday January 26, 2023 10A - 2P &3:30P - 7P
Friday January 27, 2023 10A - 3P
Monday January 30, 2023 9A - 3:30P
Tuesday January 31, 2023 10A - 2P & 3:30P - 7P
Wednesday February 1, 2023 10A - 3P
Thursday February 2, 2023 10A - 2P & 3:30P - 7P
Friday February 3, 2023 10A - 3P
Monday February 6, 2023 9A - 3:30P
Tuesday February 7, 2023 10A - 2P & 3:30P - 7P
Wednesday February 8, 2023 10A - 2P & 3:30P - 7P
Thursday February 9, 2023 10A - 2P & 3:30P - 7P
Friday February 10, 2023 10A - 3P
  • ID's are taken at Shuster Hall, room 078 on a first come, first served basis. Students, staff and faculty will be on the same line.
  • New faculty and staff members must bring a letter from Human Resources that contain their EMPL number. Another form of identification is also needed to obtain a Lehman ID card.
  • New students must bring another form of identification.
  • All students must be enrolled to obtain a Lehman ID card.
  • To replace a lost Lehman ID card, go to Shuster Hall, room 031 with a photo ID. Replacement fees are $10 for a regular card or $15 for the dual access/proximity ID card.

Obtaining a Lehman College ID Card When the ID Room is Closed

When the ID Room is closed, new students (including transfer students), faculty and staff can obtain a Lehman College ID card using the online photo system. An email 'Invite' provides college members the opportunity to submit a photo to the system. Approved photo submissions are processed for ID card creation. An additional 24-48 hours after approval of photo submission is required to obtain a Lehman College ID card. The Lehman College ID card can be picked up at the Office of Public Safety located in the, Apex Building, room 109, Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM (except holidays). Social distancing continues to be observed.

Composing Your Photo Using the Online Photo System*

Photo submissions to the online photo system should look similar to photos used on a passport or a driver's license. Example:

**Photo submission requirements:

  • Must be a recent color photo
  • Must be taken in real time
  • Must use a plain, light background
  • Must use bright, even lighting
  • Must be a centered, frontal, full face photo - not posed
  • Must be a head and shoulders image
  • Must be taken with cellphone/electronic device held at arm's length and at head and eye level
  • Eyes must be looking straight forward
  • Eyes must be open and visible (wear prescription glasses if you normally do so)

**Unacceptable Photos:

  • Photo with person wearing a hat, scarf, or headband
  • Photo with person wearing sunglasses
  • Photo with person wearing headphones, airpods, earbuds, etc.
  • Photo where person's face is obscured by hair
  • Photo with light glare on person's eyeglasses
  • Photo with person displaying inappropriate facial expressions or gestures
  • Photo with person in a posed position
  • Photo with lines/patterns on walls, ceiling, doors, etc.
  • Photo with shadows or where filters or special effects are used in the foreground and/or background
  • Photos with objects or people in the background

Professional photos, senior portraits, school photos, or a photo of a photo are not accepted.

The Lehman College ID card is an official document and is the property of the college.

The online photo system software used by Lehman College is provided by a third party vendor.

*Instructions was taken from Rutger's University's Office of Public Safety website for informational purposes only.

**Edited for use by the Lehman College Office of Public Safety.

To contact the Office of Public Safety, send email to: Public Safety staff will respond as expeditiously as possible.