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Evacuation Procedures for People with Disabilities


To provide guidelines for the Lehman College community in the event of evacuating people who are unable to evacuate an area without assistance. Also, to provide an area of refuge where persons with mobility impairments can congregate and await further evacuation assistance.


The Public Safety Department assumes the lead role in assuring the evacuation of people with disabilities; however the college community is urged to assist as needed. Public Safety maintains class schedules for students with disabilities, and work schedules for faculty and staff in need of assistance. These schedules will be used to assist emergency personnel in locating disabled individuals in an event of an emergency.


In all emergencies after an evacuation has been ordered, call Public Safety at X7777 or by an Emergency Duress station which is located throughout the campus, both in interior and exterior of buildings.

In the event of an evacuation, wheelchair users should make their way to a “safe staging area”. These areas are located on every floor of Lehman College’s buildings near the stairwells closest to the elevator. Carman Hall and the APEX Building, has two “safe staging areas” due to two elevators being available in each building. Once there, they should remain in that area of safety and await further assistance.

  • Do not enter the stairwell or use the elevator unless directed by Public Safety or the Fire Department.
  • Communicate the exact location of the person(s) in need of assistance.
  • Describe the specific need for assistance which may include the following categories:
    • Blindness or visual impairment
    • Deafness or hearing loss
    • Mobility impairment
    • Emotional impairment
    • Other

**Provide necessary assistance to the Public Safety Office