News 12 Profiles Lehman Adult Degree Program

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News 12 Profiles Lehman Adult Degree Program
News 12 Profiles Lehman Adult Degree Program

News 12 The Bronx recently spoke to several Lehman College Adult Degree Program (ADP) students, ADP Director Pamela Hinden, and ADP Instructor Ray Grizzel.

ADP has been granting bachelors and masters degrees to nontraditional students for 40 years. The program gives adult students the opportunity to thrive in an environment that’s supportive of their busy lives by offering flexible courses during the day, evening, weekend, and online.

ADP student Josephine Bagcal began her studies at Lehman several years ago, returning to college after being away for more than a decade. She is currently majoring in chemistry and physics and will be graduating in 2019.

Lawrence Fauntleroy was the student speaker at the 2018 ADP graduation ceremony where he discussed his return to Lehman after dropping out of college in 1994. Earlier this month, Fauntleroy was interviewed by the Riverdale Press about his experiences.

At age 49, he earned 90 credits over two years and completed his bachelor’s degree as a double major in business and psychology.

“There is nothing more important that will get you into the work force like a degree,” Fauntleroy said, explaining why he returned to get his degree. “If you want to make a productive life, it doesn’t even look like a choice anymore. I was not comfortable staying put knowing that the landscape had changed so much.”