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The Office of Media Relations & Publications

Branding Toolkit

We are all connected by Lehman College – whether we’re alumni, students, prospective students, faculty, staff, administration, family, or anyone who spends time on campus. The brand is a way to express pride and connection for anyone who is part of the Lehman College community and to support the College’s mission. Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone to utilize it consistently and correctly.

For all questions and to obtain other files including departmental and school logos, please contact the Office of Media Relations. You can also:


Lehman College Logo

The focal point of the logomark, the graphic part of the logo, is a dramatically simplified facade of the central and most recognizable building on campus — the Music Building. The lower portion expresses the stability of the institution, while its top (the arch) symbolizes the value of an education that reaches out to all people.

The logo may be downloaded here.

There are two main iterations of the logo:





The logo may only be shown in 4 colors: black, white, blue/green (as shown), and all blue. For more details about this, please refer to the full brand guidelines. To download the official logos, click here.

Also, it’s important to show the CUNY affiliation by locking up the CUNY logo with the Lehman College signature. Use an official Lehman/CUNY lockup.

You may also use the CUNY logo separately. In this case, the Lehman logo should always appear to the left of the CUNY logo.



The logo should only be reproduced from authorized digital files. Do not attempt to typeset or recreate these yourself. If the logos provided via this website do not work for your purposes, contact the Office of Media Relations.


Schools, Departments, and Offices

In 2019, the College launched a branding system that gives each school its own identity within the Lehman brand. This includes a new color palette (see below) as well as consistently typest school logos.

Similarly, academic departments, administrative offices, and other organizations on campus each have their own iteration of the Lehman logo.

For example:


Example School Logo

Example Academic Department Logo


For more details about this and to see sample administrative office logos, please refer to the full brand guidelines. To obtain the official logo for your school, department, please fill out a request.

Primary Colors

The official colors are listed below. Additional accents are available in the full guidelines PDF. If you do not know how to utilize the color codes listed, contact the Office of Media Relations and we are happy to help.


Lehman Blue
PMS 300
CMYK 99 48 1 14
RGB 0 103 166
HEX #0061A0

Lehman Green
PMS 376
CMYK 54 0 100 0
RGB 129 194 65
HEX #84BD00


Individual School Colors

If used as the main color in a design, school colors may be used by their individual schools and the departments within them.

School of Continuing & Professional Studies
PMS 194
CMYK 25 100 67 18
RGB 161 28 64
HEX # a21c40

Leonard Lief Library
PMS 326
CMYK 86 2 41 0
RGB 0 173 169
HEX # 00ADA9

School of Natural & Social Sciences
PMS 302
CMYK 100 74 40 32
RGB 0 60 91
HEX # 003C5B

School of Health Sciences, Human Services, & Nursing
PMS 1245
CMYK 8 41 100 0
RGB 231 159 35
HEX # e89f23

School of Arts & Humanities
PMS 342
CMYK 96 34 81 27
RGB 0 102 72
HEX # 006649

School of Education
PMS 550
CMYK 45 11 10 0
RGB 137 191 213
HEX # 89bfd6



Lehman’s official typeface is Helvetica Neue. It’s a bold, classic font, with strong ties to New York City. It comes in a number of weights but can be limited to those listed below:
(If Helvetica Neue is not available, Arial font may be used as a substitute.)




Electra has been identified for more formal materials such as invitations, stationery and business cards. (If Electra is not available, Times New Roman may be used).



In print and on the web, text should be left-aligned and “rag right”. Certain instances will call for centered text, and this is fine in moderation.

Official Seal

Use of the Lehman College seal is limited to official administration offices, such as the Office of the President, and official College documents, such as diplomas and certificates, at the discretion of the College president. This artwork may not be used for other applications.

Contact the Office of Media Relations to inquire whether your use for the seal may be applicable.

The College seal should never be substituted for the primary logo.