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Lehman College: City University of New York
February 22, 2017

A Message from Lehman College President José Luis Cruz
Statement on Transgender Rights

Dear campus community,

The federal government’s determination to eliminate recently enacted guidance meant to protect the rights of transgender students is, in my opinion, both ill-conceived in execution and anachronistic in nature. But as a citizen of the City of New York and proud member of the Lehman College campus community, I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

Instead, we will use this turn of events as motivation to redouble our efforts to ensure a safe, non-discriminatory campus environment for our transgender community members, acknowledge and respect each person’s chosen gender identity, make sure that access to campus facilities according to one’s gender identity is upheld, and raise our voices to ensure that these protections are available to all Americans regardless of where they happen to live, work, or study.

In the meantime, I can confidently state that campus life at Lehman will not be affected.

If you have questions about our college’s commitment to transgender rights, please contact Dawn Ewing Morgan, our college’s chief diversity officer, at (718) 960-8111 or dawn.ewing-morgan@lehman.cuny.edu.



José Luis Cruz
President, Lehman College
The City University of New York