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Lehman College Logo March 31, 2020
Lehman Cares

Dear Colleagues,

There is not one person in our community unaffected by the recent Coronavirus outbreak and that leaves Lehman students scrambling to find ways to meet their basic needs and to achieve their academic pursuits.

A group of us decided we wanted to do our part in the community to show that we, the faculty and staff of Lehman College, care. We remain undeterred and committed to doing the important work of ensuring that learning does not stop, despite these challenging times. Aptly named, Lehman Cares – The Campaign for Lehman College, is a fundraising effort to provide students with time-sensitive support for:

  • Student Emergencies Fund (support for food and micro-grants for student emergencies and financial difficulties) and
  • 2020-21 Scholarship Fund, for expendable scholarships, which given the current financial climate, will be more important than ever in terms of supporting students in the coming academic year.

Your donation will have a tangible impact on the students you know, teach, and care about every day. What you give will provide critical and timely support for their basic needs and educational journey.

We are built for this moment. We will only persevere if we function as a community.

Donate Now

Join us by lending your support to the Lehman College community – a community in which you play a vital role.

With gratitude,

Lehman Cares Committee

Michelle Augustine • Karin Beck • Ira Bloom • Ronnie Boriskin • Victor Brown • Mila Burns • David Charcape • Janet DeSimone • Susan Ebersole • Dawn Ewing-Morgan • Joseph Fera • Nathaniel Gasque • Alicia Georges • Gina Harwood • Dene Hurley • Teresita Levy • Jane Mackillop • James Mahon • Pam Mills • Robert Pagan • Penny Prince • Gaoyin Qian • Suzette Ramsundar • Lynn Rosenberg • Anne Rothstein • Kenneth Schlesinger • Michael Sullivan • Tara Tomlinson • Bascillia Toussaint • Elin Waring • Paula and Martin Zwiren • Faculty and Staff of the Leonard Lief Library • Social Justice Speakers Committee