Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) Policy Fall 2020

For the Fall 2020 semester, Lehman College students will again be able to choose the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) flexible grading option, which allows students to opt-out of receiving a letter grade for a course and receive credit or no credit instead. However, the policy is not being implemented in the same way it was in Spring 2020. There are a significant number of courses excluded from the CR/NC option because these are required  doing so could have an impact on a program’s or even the College’s accreditation. 

Find the list of excluded courses here.

Before choosing the CR/NC option, students should do three things:
1. Review the FAQs for the answer to your question.
2. Use the Lehman College CR/NC Decision Tool which will provide you with a recommended course of action.
3. If you still are unsure about CR/NC and its potential impact on your academic standing, Lehman College advisors will be available for live consultation via Zoom, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (EXCLUDING New Year's Eve and New Year's Day) through Tues., Jan. 12, which is the last day for students to opt in to CR/NC. ADVISORS ARE NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF OPERATING HOURS. 
Register here during operating hours:

Top 9 Things to Know About Fall 2020 CR/NC
. If you are enrolled in a course that is eligible for a CR/NC grade (see excluded courses here), you have the option to convert a letter grade (B+  through F) to Credit/No Credit grading.
2. You can convert your grades any time through Tuesday, Jan. 12 via CUNYfirst. Once you choose the CR/NC option, though, you can't change it back to a letter grade, so you really need to be certain that you want to convert the grade. 
3. If you choose the CR/NC option for an eligible course, a passing letter grade (B+ through D-) will convert to ‘CR’ with credit for the class being awarded, while a failing grade (F) will convert to ‘NC’, with no credit awarded. Credit/No Credit grades will not impact your GPA.
4. If you choose the Credit/No Credit option, the Credit (CR) grade will not negatively impact your progress toward degree completion.
5. Students with Credit/No Credit grades will be able to transfer those courses across colleges within CUNY, per current CUNY policy.
6. The Fall 2020 CR/NC Policy will apply to coursework completed on Permit.
7. If you were placed on academic probation at the start of the Fall 2020 semester and you choose a Credit/No Credit grade you will not be penalized with academic dismissal based on any CR/NC grades you earn this semester.
8. Except for courses explicitly excluded by Lehman College (found here) from application, the policy will supersede and override all undergraduate and graduate program-level grading policies currently in effect at CUNY colleges and schools, including those related to required and elective courses within the major, minor, general education (Pathways), pre-requisite courses, honors courses, courses taken on permit and maximum number of credits that a student can earn with Credit/No Credit grades.
9. The grade glossary, attached to each transcript, will be updated to include a notation denoting that all Fall 2020 grades, including CR or NC, were earned during a major disruption to instruction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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