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Department of Philosophy



Photo of Carl Brownson, Substitute Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Carl Brownson
Photo of Michael Buckley, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Michael Buckley
Director of the Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies
Photo of Rosalind Carey, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Rosalind Carey
  • Associate Professor (PhD, Boston University)

    Fields of Interest: Early analytic philosophy, Russell, Wittgenstein, the philosophy of religion, and the history of philosophy.

    Office: Carman 367
    Office Hours
    Website: Profile
Photo of James Mahon, Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities
James Mahon
Dean of Arts & Humanities
Photo of Julie E. Maybee, Chair of the Department of Philosophy
Julie Maybee
Director of Disability Studies Program
Photo of Collin O'Neil, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Collin O'Neil
Photo of Naomi Zack
Naomi Zack

Adjunct and Visiting

Photo of Jesse Atencio, Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
Jesse Atencio
Photo of Ericka Abraham, Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
Ericka Abraham
Photo of Steven Birnbaum, Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
Elizabeth Benn
Photo of Steven Birnbaum, Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
Steven Birnbaum
Photo of Russell Dale, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Russell Dale
Photo of Leah Fortgang, Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy
Leah Fortgang
David Gantz
David Gantz
Photo of Morgan Horowitz, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Morgan Horowitz
Photo of John Ongley Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
José Muñiz
Photo of John Noras, Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
John Noras
Professor John Ongley, Substitute Associate Professor of Philosophy
John Ongley
Photo of Perry Rizopoulos, Adjunct Lecturer
Perry Rizopoulos
  • Adjunct Lecturer (MA,Teachers College, Columbia University)

    E-mail: TBA
    Office: Carman 369
    Office Hours: TBA
Photo of Julia Rodas, Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy
Julia Rodas
Photo of Kamilla Smith, Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
Kamilla Smith
Photo of Yunus Tuncel, Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy
Yunus Tuncel
Jodell Ulerie
Photo of Tommy Kivatinos, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ken Weisshaar

Graduate Teaching Fellows

Casey Hall
Casey Hall
Photo of Pedro Monque, Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
C. L. Johnson


Photo of Brittany O’Neal, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Africana Studies (PhD, Michigan State University)
Brittany O’Neal
Photo of Esther Wilder, Professor of Sociology
Esther Wilder