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Department of Music, Multimedia, Theatre & Dance

Mission Statement

We transform students into versatile, self-directed performing artists of the 21stcentury. Our liberal arts BA and multidisciplinary BFA programs challenge our students to develop the knowledge and skills as well as the conceptual, critical and creative perspectives necessary for a professional life in the performing arts.

Values Statement

Self-Directed Artists of the 21st Century

At Lehman College/CUNY, we believe that true artists possess broad-based knowledge and skills in their disciplines as well as vision—a conceptual, critical and creative perspective about themselves, the arts, and the world around them. In addition, we believe that to succeed in the performing arts in the 21st century, theatre and dance artists must collaborate across disciplines and produce their own creative work. That is, theatre and dance artists of the 21st century must perform, write, design, and produce for stage, film, television, and new media. Therefore, the faculty and staff at Lehman provide our students with the academic courses, creative experiences, and mentorship needed to transform our students into such versatile, self-directed artists.

Theatre Learning Objectives 

Program Goal:

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work as versatile, self-directed performing artists in theatre.

Goal 1: Demonstrate critical thinking about theatrical text and production from historical, global, and diverse perspectives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze in writing and or through presentation, the development of drama and theatre in human societies and cultures.
  • Analysis of scripts from different periods, genres and styles for theatrical production.

Goal 2: Demonstrate the ability to perform on stage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create and believably portray characters using a variety of acting techniques and styles involving the use of the body, voice, and imagination.
  • Based on recognized vocal training systems develop the voice as an instrument for characterization to become proficient in projection, diction, and/or dialects and accents.
  • Use the body effectively as an instrument for performance with attention to areas including: range of motion, flexibility, strength, awareness, specificity, qualitative range, and/or engagement with the imagination.

Goal 3: Demonstrate the ability to utilize production equipment effectively for performance.

Learning Objective:

  • Perform essential tasks in technical theatre in the areas of scenery and properties, costumes and wardrobe, lighting and sound, and/or stage management.

Goal 4: Demonstrate the ability to create original theatrical work for public presentation.

Learning Objective:

  • Write original plays for performance.