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Lehman College


Majora Carter

Majora Carter Group, LLC helps clients connect the value of government, business & industry and community, bridging the gaps between clients and the interests we all want served. MCG will leverage its integrity and abilities to bring disparate parties together, helping to break the impasse between sustainability goals and entrenched inter-stakeholder distrust. We create an environment where all dreams can thrive. Based on research gleaned from seven successful years heading Sustainable South Bronx, and other findings from cities and universities worldwide, the services MCG offers to concentrated environmental problems are grounded in a progressive economic development approach.

MCG is an inspirational and practical tool that opens opportunities for people to see and experience themselves and their community in a more powerful way. This is how real change will happen.

The Majora Carter Group is always on the lookout for innovative thinkers and motivated students to participate as fellows and interns for research, communications, business strategy and other fields depending on our needs at the time. Please fill out the form below to be considered.