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School of Arts and Humanities


Proposal Processes, Procedures, Contacts, Calendars and Forms

Department and program faculty members are responsible for initiating curriculum changes, which proceed like this:

  • Faculty first discusses with the Department Chair any new or dramatically changed course or program curriculum proposals
  • Working with the departmental faculty curriculum liaison, faculty completes and formally submits to the Department Chair, all associated Curriculum Proposal Forms (see links below)
  • Chair obtains departmental support, 51% or simple majority of the full time department faculty is required, and forwards the approved Curriculum Proposal Forms to Office of Academic Programs Administrative Executive Assistant, Sophia Diamantis-Fry (
  • The Office of Academic Programs distributes the proposals to a) the Associate Provost of Academic Programs, b) all school Deans and Associate Deans, and c) the Senate Curriculum Committee Chairs
  • Senate Curriculum Committee Chair brings the proposal to the Lehman College Senate floor for a vote. NOTE: To discuss and answer questions, the Departmental Curriculum Liaison and/or initiating faculty attends the associated College Senate meeting
  • Upon College Senate approval, the curriculum proposals are forwarded to CUNY Central's Committee on Academic Programs, Policy and Research office
  • After CAPPR's final approval is obtained, the curriculum changes are entered into the following Chancellor's report and from that, the College Registrar enters all curriculum changes into the College's Smart Catalogue
  • Within weeks the new curriculum appears in the Bulletin...if procedures are followed correctly, depending on the scope of changes, the complete process takes between one semester to one year

Arts and Humanities Departmental Faculty Curriculum Liaisons

Department Faculty Member E-mail
African and African American Studies Mary Phillips
Art Sharon Jordan
English David Hyman (note: also the School's College Senate Curriculum Committee member)
History Robert Valentine
Journalism, Communication, Theater Christine McKenna &
Claudia Case

Languages and Literatures Marco Ramirez
Latin American, Latino, and Puerto Rican Studies  Teresita Levy
Music David Claman
Philosophy Julie Maybee

Lehman College Senate Curriculum Committees Chair Contacts

Lehman College Senate Curriculum Committee Schedule

  • Click here to link to the Lehman College Senate Schedule

Departments should allow at least two weeks (for complex proposals, more) prior to the items deadline to enable proposals to go through both the School and Senate curriculum committees. And, during Curriculum Committee and Senate meetings in which departmental proposals are discussed, departments are strongly advised to have their faculty curriculum liaison present.

CUNY Deadline Calendar

  • Click here to link to the CUNY Deadline Calendar

Proposals approved by the Lehman College Senate proceed to the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs (OAA), the Committee on Academic Program, Policy, and Research (CAPPR), and the CUNY Board. And depending on when Senate-approved proposals arrive at the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs, the CUNY Deadline Calendar indicates how long it takes for final CUNY approval. Note: Lehman College must approve any University Curriculum Committee recommendations before proposals proceed to the CUNY Board.

Committee Proposal Forms

To propose course curriculum changes, program degree requirement changes, add new courses, or to withdraw courses, department faculty must complete and submit the corresponding following forms:

Academic Programs Inventory

  • As departments prepare the “Changes in Degree Requirements” form, they should consult the Academic Programs Inventory PDF Icon for Lehman College for the following information:
  • The “Program Code”, used by the New York State Education Department to register programs, is the five-digit number that appears at the top left of each entry in boldface.
  • The “HEGIS code” (Higher Education General Information Survey) appears on the left just under the CIP code.
  • A “Major Code,” used by the Lehman College Registrar to keep track of majors is the three-digit number indented from the left-hand margin, located to the left of the program name.

Sample Approved Proposals (Note: Use Newer Template, See Link Above