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Virtual Reality Training Academy & Development Lab

@ CUNY on the Concourse

Unity Platform

Introduction to Unity Platform

After a short introduction to the history of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), Unity's interface, asset store and customization features will be discussed. You will be able to follow along on available computers or on your own device. While Unity can be used for development on a wide array of platforms, emphasis will be placed on VR and projects will be built for the HTC Vive which will be available to you. Prerequisites: Being comfortable navigating computer systems and new computer technology.

Unity Platform - Intermediate

Expand your Unity know-how with this intermediate level course, which will focus on lighting, audio, physics, particle systems and basic animation. Discussions and demonstrations on how this impacts game play and the mood of any application will be shown. Useful assets, both free and paid, from the Asset Store will be highlighted.

Unity Platform - Advanced

Sharpen your Unity skills with this hands-on course. During this 4-day course you will work your way through 2 Unity projects from the Unity Asset Store with the assistance of the instructor who will explain the structure of the projects. A walk through and explanation of scripts will be carried out.

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Coming in spring 2020.

A 15-week/180 hour course, on immersive media. Composed of eight modules, the course will focus on the Unity platform as the means to developing content for Augmented and Virtual Reality. Students will receive a Lehman College certificate and badge.
Classes will be held Mondays to Thursdays 6-9 PM at the CUNY on the Concourse VR Lab.



Module 1 - Onboarding and Introduction to XR (6 Hours)

  • History of immersive technologies
  • Trends in hardware
  • Software
  • Market projections and current state

Module 2 - Introduction to Unity (24 hours)

  • Getting around in Unity
  • Folder structure
  • GameObjects , Transform tool
  • Primitives and place holder GameObjects
  • Materials, textures and shaders
  • Cameras, Lighting and Skybox

Module 3 - Intermediate Unity (24 hours)

  • Snaps and grids
  • Physics, colliders, triggers
  • User interface fundamentals
  • Scripting
  • Joints and hinges

Module 4 - Project Management (24 hours)

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Methodologies – Agile, Waterfall, Kanban
  • Scrum – Project Management Methodology
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Storyboards & Designs
  • Flowcharts
  • Scrum: Overview

Module 5 - 3D Modeling with Blender (24 hours)

  • Introduction to Blender UI
  • Introduction to Mesh Modeling Techniques
  • Materials and UV Unwrapping
  • Introduction to Photoshop and Custom Texture Maps
  • Specular and Normal Maps
  • Lighting
  • Advanced Texturing and Composition

Module 6 – Programming in C# (24 hours)

  • Creating a C# script in Unity
  • Using directive
  • Methods in C#
  • Data types
  • Monobehaviour – the Start and Update methods
  • Loops in C# - if, if… else, while
  • Serialization – exposing variables in the editor
  • Coroutines
  • Persistence through Scriptable Objects
  • Communicating between classes

Module 7 – Capstone Project (54 hours)

Develop an XR application from concept to implementation. During this module you will ideate an XR application, generate design documents and come up with a plan to successfully complete the application. Using scrum methodology you will work with a team over a period of 5-6 weeks to develop the project.

Events & Media

The field of Augmented and Virtual Reality is a fast growing sector in the tech economy. Deloitte Global predicts that Virtual Reality will have its first billion dollar year in 2016 and says that the field will grow in the future.

View photos of Made in NY talks, in collaboration with Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) Career Panel, Breaking into the VR | AR industry

View Made in NY talks flyer and Career Panel bios

View Photos of the VR Lab Opening & Ribbon Cutting Event

Read the Article by GearBrain



Celebrating the 1-year anniversary of RLab, and our partnership to support emerging tech in NYC.

Read about how @therlabnyc is supporting education & entrepreneurship in #XR and #spatialcomputing:

Read More

Photo of celebration the 1-year anniversary of Rlab

Certified AR/VR Developers

Congratulations to all EON Reality Certified AR/VR Developers!

Eighteen students at Lehman College VR/AR Training Academy completed Training Phase 1 (Coding and animation)! They will continue training during the second half of the program by working on various projects collaboratively to build their portfolios. Read More

Photo of first cohort of EON Reality Certified AR/VR Developers

NYC Media Lab XR Bootcamp

Congratulations Michael Brenner and Aaron Holness

Michael Brenner and Aaron Holness, Lehman VR/AR graduates were recently accepted into the Media Lab's XR Bootcamp. It is an accelerator for startup teams focusing on VR/AR, voice technology and other future interfaces. They both have received a ten thousand dollar grant for their concept of using augmented and virtual reality in the legal field.The project is focused on the areas commonly referred to as demonstrative evidence. These simulations may be created using a variety of sources such as sound recordings, video footage, pictures, x-rays, testimony, forensic evidence and other fact finding sources.This will provide a lawyer with the ability to recreate or re-enact legal events such as crimes or torts. Please join us to congratulate Aaron and Michael.

VR Boot Camp

NYC Media Lab Award

Congratulations Cécile Ragot

Please join us to congratulate Cécile Ragot of Lehman College and EON Reality Virtual Reality Innovation Academy on being selected and winning the award on her project "IslandAR" at NYC Media Lab's #NYCML18 mainstage on Sept. 20! It's among only "5 cutting-edge projects" to be picked for the showcase. Ragot was part of a group of NYC graduate students selected by NYC Media Lab to work with Havas Fellowship and Governor's Island "to employ their VR/AR and AI skills to tell stories in interactive and responsive ways, providing novel use cases for the City's tourism sector." IslandAR "provides mysterious puzzle pieces that unlock shared AR experiences, hidden characters and fun stories from past and present on Governors Island." View Video

Photo of Cecile Ragot


Students from Bronx International High School visited Lehman's Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality lab.

As part of the collaboration with The Knowledge House, Lehman's Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality lab, the Small Business Development Center and Bronx Business + Tech Incubators hosted a cohort of students from Bronx International High School. Students learned how to become entrepreneurs and about the rapid expansion of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as two of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. View Photos

Small Business Development Center

Career Panel Breaking into the VR | AR industry

Made in NY talks, in collaboration with Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME)

VR/AR demos and industry panel discussion followed by networking reception and more demos. View Event Photos

Career Panel, Breaking into the VR | AR industry

Open House Schedule

For information about tuition, please click on the REGISTER ONLINE link.

Open house schedule for spring classes: RSVP

-Thursday August 13th, 2020 6PM-7:30PM
-Thursday August 20th, 2020 6PM-7:30PM Open House location: Zoom online meeting

Map showing location of the Lehman VR Academy