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International Student Services

The International Student Services Office (ISS) at Lehman College assists students and scholars to secure the necessary immigration documents to apply for F or J type visas in their home country.
The ISS office serves both the international population and the Lehman College community. International students seek assistance with questions on a variety of academic, cultural, and social concerns. Faculty and Staff desire information on immigration requirements in an effort to help and guide international students.

F-1/Student status. The Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) will be provided to international students upon completion of all admission requirements and receipt of the required financial documents. After international students are admitted to a full-time degree program, the Affidavit of Financial Support can be downloaded for completion by the sponsor. The I-20 will be issued only after the student has documented sufficient financial resources to study and live in the USA. For more detailed information please see the section on How to get an I-20.

Students needing an F type visa must first submit a application for admission. Contact the Admissions Office through the Lehman College web site www.lehman.edu or call to 718-960-8712.

J-1/Exchange status. The DS-2019 will be issued to exchange students or scholars after sufficient financial resources have been documented supporting educational and living costs in the USA. For additional information on securing a J visa, please contact the International Student Services Office directly.

International Student Services Office
Shuster Hall, Room 210
250 Bedford Park Blvd. West
Bronx, N.Y. 10469
Phone: 718-960-7274
Fax: 718-960-8243
E-mail: Ann.O-Sullivan@lehman.cuny.edu

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