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A note about the rating system: The ratings reflect a subjective balance of such criteria as originality, concept, execution and suitability to the medium. Please post your recommendations or comments to the Bulletin Board.

**** not to be missed
*** recommended
** if interested
* avoid
(date) date reviewed

*** ArtsEdNet: Focusing on arts education in the K-12 category, this interactivity-oriented site features forums, bibliographies, a small image-base and lesson plans. It's a treasure trove for teachers. (11/96)

*** ArtsEdge: Sponsored by the Kennedy Center, this K-12 arts education site largely offers the same sort of info as ArtsEdNet. But ArtsEdge also boasts a section for students and news about the field. (11/96)

** Intelligent Agent: Intelligent Agent promotes the print version of the identically-named newsletter, which is devoted to technology in arts and education. Although the design is a tad clunky, IA's calendar, project listings, repurposed articles, and a sizable "Longitudinal Links" hotlist are promising. (10/96)

** Art Job: Yet another Web-site teaser to promote a print newsletter. The "Sample" section lists a few examples of job opportunities, including agency and academic listings, internships, and conferences. Can't hurt if you're job-hunting, I guess. (11/96)

**** Asian Arts: A rare find for Asian arts lovers. Currently visible are an amazing 12 online exhibitions(!) ("Splendours of Imperial China" lives up to its name), supplemented by nine scholarly articles and links to galleries throughout the world specializing in Asian arts. (11/96)

*** Voice of the Shuttle: An impressive hotlist of online art and art history resources. Topics covered include museums, galleries, university programs, academic conferences and calls for papers--to name just a few. Chances are, if it's on the Web and art-related, you'll find it here. There are sister lists for Archaeology, Architecture, and Photography. (10/96)

**1/2 Art Now Gallery Guide: The longtime gallery-goer's Bible, ANGG's web version offers RL content without the handy little maps, but with artists' pages as a sort of bonus. The no-frills design works given the constantly changing content, but doesn't edify. (11/96)

***1/2 Art History Information Program: For middle-of-the-night bibliographical searches the Getty's remarkable art-historical resource can't be beat. (5/95)

***1/4 Art History Research Centre: Internet sites and (selected) library catalogs sponsored by Concordia University.

*** Artsource : A dictionary of art and art-history-related sites including "Art and AIDS: A Selected Bibliography" and the Directory of Electronic Conferences.

***1/2 Fluxus: Everything you also wanted to know, see, or hear about the art=life bunch. Don't miss Yoko Ono warbling. (6/95)

**3/4 Mark Harden's Texas Net Art Museum: Frequently changing potpourri of this writer's jottings augmented by projects such as the reproduction of all 40 works hanging in the first Impressionist exhibition held in Nadar's Paris studio. Early modernism is the focus here. (2/96)

** Internet for the Fine Arts: Democracy in action: Submit links to your studio, museum, gallery, organization, etc. Unfortunately, not very many have. (1/96)

***1/2 Museum Informatics Project: An in-depth guide to information technology for museums. (2/96)

***1/2 (Radio) Stations: MIT compiled this searchable list of radio stations on the Net; some even carry performance and audio art.

*** Surrealism: Everything from pictures (including photos from the Dali Teatro Museum in Figueras) to theoretical texts to (contemporary) exhibition listings. What about the fur-lined external modem?

***1/2 Virtual Library's Museum Pages: Museums are subdivided into lists from the US, the UK and the rest of the world. The purview is broad and includes universities and the like. (6/95)

***1/2 World Wide Arts Resources: An index of institutional and noninstitutional offerings ranging from Frida Kahlo to Harold Edgerton. (5/95)

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