Robert; have spoken to Bob about the problem with email and I need to get Florian to send the file over again as not binary. if you reach before me tell him to contact me here at school. cheers david

Hi, I was just websurfing and came across your Out there Page. To my surprise, I saw my site listed, Mythillogical Gallery (Larry Auerbach). Apparently there's a typo in the url you have as the link to my website. Its, not http://www.users.interport.het/~laarree/. (, not.het!). If you could fix the link I'd appreciate it. Who visited my site?? :-) Larry Auerbach

Wonderful possibilities on this site. I did have trouble navigating back from some sub-files (no way to return to previous menus). You might want to look the design at some point. Otherwise, congratulations on a terrific & important site. Jim Van Buskirk, Gay & Lesbian Center, San Francisco Public Library

Hmmm... Here I am at the bulletin board (from an Out There list) and unlike most real & virtual bulletin boards I have no idea what other postings there may be... Very rich site, though, I like especially the short summary reviews of the linked sites. (ZKM link is dead, by the way). One peculiar gap: I've wandered about here for an hour and never seen any mention of the fact that there is digital art being produced and distributed on CD-ROM. Never even seen the word, in fact, even in places (Mediamatic, Laurie Anderson) where it would be very appropriate. The conventional attitude currently is to dismiss anything off- line as old news. As an artist working with the medium in ways that the Net is simply not ready to support, I find this attitude disappointing. --Jim Gasperini

Back at the "bulletin board" though as far as I can see this is just email? All the links I've tried in Out There seem to be dead, looks like they're all missing a global header (http:// etc) --Jim

Check out my new website, "WHITE FOLKS" at Lowell

Has it ever occurred to you folks that we might be creating a generation which regards art as a branch of sociology? Or has that already happened? Lots of people have put out lots of really beautiful (yes, I said the b word), creative WEB sites but all that gets discussed is the social phenomenon. I personally have had it up to here with art as a social phe- nomenon. If the author of "Fractal Flesh" wants to carry out a sociology experiment and/ or demonstration on the Internet, even a creatively "schizophrenic" one (lots of science is very creative and also pretty crazy) why does this have to be "art"? And if it IS art, why does it have to be discussed as if it were a lecture for Sociology 101? Now people are call- ing themselves "culture critics." Give me a break. Post Modernism was always a bore and now that it is OVER, it is more boring and irrelevant than ever. The WEB is a magical opportunity to relate to others and be creative, an opportunity for everyone to be an artist AND a critic. But the "official" critics seem to have forgotten what art is, AND what criticism is, so are missing the point. What is really happening is going unnoticed (as usual), so our "culture critics" can continue to impress us with how sophisticated they are. Victor Grauer

who beat this site with the ugly stick?

congratulations on TALKBACK, which I came across via Mute (UK). I like your annotated OUT THERE section, similar to what I'm trying to do in 'Why not Sneeze?', a critical journal of art on the Net. hope you'll have time to check it out: greetings, Michael Gibbs

Hello, I have created a web page of my art (abstracts in acrylic). If you would like to view it please go to: Thank you, Zing!

Hi Robert, I found your site. I like the interactive corpse idea, which is what it is, right, an idea? For me to actually participate on my pc would be difficult, since I don't have any kind of graphic capability on my e-mail, or at least I don't think I do. But here's a good one for you from the copy desk. Are you capitalizing the word Web? How about Website. Or is that Web site? Etc. Walter