12/9/96 Hi Robert, Happy online anniversary! I want to go to Fashion Moda next time I visit Toby. Your Talkback thing is great... Becky

I just got done looking over everything in Talk Back #3 and it is simply wonderful. I appreciate the ease and logical layout of this site. My compliments to the designers and editors. They took a great amount of diverse and far-reaching material and made it extremely accessible. I have made many bookmarks from this look over and I can guarantee I will be back to this site many times. Thank you for such a gift! Kym Taborn ktaborn@lightspeed.net

December 18, 1996 I tried to hyperlink to the Parkbench webpage. I also tried to email them. Is the project still up and running? If so, how do I get in touch with them? Anne Green Open Studio Project Coordinator p.s. Great Site!!

12/27/96 NON-VIRTUAL MUSEUM PILGRAMAGE #1 The Cultural Cryptanalysts Collective of Baltimore invites the visitors to TALKBACK! to visit a real world museum, The National Cryptologic Museum, located halfway between Baltimore and Washington, DC. This is the NSA's own museum, open to the public and full of amazing things. See a Cray supercomputer, type code into a Nazi Enigma machine, see books on cryptology going back to the 15th century, learn about the Navajo code-talkers. To visit, take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway(I-295) to the Fort Meade exit (Route 32). You'll see brown park service style signs directing you to the museum. The museum itself is located along the highway in a small, single story building surrounded by fences and barbed wire. Don't miss this oportunity to see the world's most powerful secret organization's own treasured objects.

December 28 Robert: Just a note to let you know how much we've been enjoying Talk Back. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. It seems to be getting beefier with each issue. It's one of the few publications produced in NY that is not entirely New York Centric. Best wishes for at least another year. Anthony and Sammy (aziz + cucher) neon@sirius.com

12/30/96 NON-VIRTUAL MUSEUM PILGRAMAGE #2. Visit, at your leisure, The Museum of Menstruation, situated coincidently close to the NSA at New Carrollton, Maryland. A labor of love, the museum is located in the basement of Harry Finley's suburban home, and features a collection of hygiene products, advertising and more from the twentieth century and before. To make an appointment, call Harry at (301)459-4450. Yes, this museum is real. Enjoy. CCC of Baltimore.

Dear Talkback, I was most impressed by your web site. I found the discription of Visual Aids most interesting as I am a photographer, for the past 10 months I have been creating images on this very subject. Its called "Patient Name: Justin Case" Many of the images are pictoral essays of a fictous patients psyche and possibly my own. including fears, hopes, guilts, paranoia and dreams.Most are scanned and can easily be put into jpeg format Or? I did not find anywhere on the site a contact Email address or other contact info for "Virtual Aids". and would very much like to show these works to those who are interested. I can receive email at twomchfn@mhv.net or I can be called at 212 924 9641 914 254 5859 Fax 914 254 6063 Thank You in advance, Joel Wateres Jan 9 1997

Dear Talkback, I was most impressed by your web site. I found the discription of Visual Aids most interesting as I am a photographer, for the past 10 months I have been creating images on this very subject. Its called "Patient Name: Justin Case" Many of the images are pictoral essays of a fictous patients psyche and possibly my own. including fears, hopes, guilts, paranoia and dreams.Most are scanned and can easily be put into jpeg format Or? I did not find anywhere on the site a contact Email address or other contact info for "Virtual Aids". and would very much like to show these works to those who are interested. I can receive email at twomchfn@mhv.net or I can be called at 212 924 9641 914 254 5859 Fax 914 254 6063 Thank You in advance, Joel Wateres Jan 9 1997

1-16-1997 EYES ON CUNY http://www.geocities.com/capitolhill/2306 check it out! cuny@geocities.com

Have you seen the www site for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London? (http://www.illumin.co.uk/ica/)

Saturday, February 1, 1997 The Program in African American Culture of the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution will present "La Francophonie Noire: Louisiana, Haiti and Senegal: The Roots and Evolution of the Franco-Creole Diaspora in the Americas, February 5-8, 1997. For further information, call (202)357-4176, or email mah0p33@sivm.si.edu

I thought this might interest you. The exhibition ìTechnophobiaî has just been released: it is the first art exhibition made specifically for CD ROM. The emphasis is on an examination of multimedia as a medium and itís future application in art practice. Sincerely, Dooley Le Cappellaine. PH and Fax(212) 966 3046 In the meantime I hope you will take a look at the Website and let me know what you think. http://www.thing.net/~dooley To follow some information about the CD : ìTechnophobiaî is the first collection of art of this kind made as an interactive exhibition. In addition to the original multimedia artwork on the CD itís also possible to access a studio visit with each artist. You can also view artwork by the artists at our Web Site along with preveiws of the works on the CD and special web projects which change weekly, Artists featured in this exhibition are: Judith Ahern, Bill Albertini, Huma Bhabha, Joseph Ferrari, Alan Koninger, Tim Maul, Christian Perez, Troy Innocent, Guillaume Wolf and Genevieve Glaucker and Jody Zellen. The CD also features music by David Barnes and Charles Cohen, Moniek Darge, Joshua Fried, The Happy Jacks, Fugitive Pope, Phil Niblock, Mike Hovanscek with Pointless Orchestra and John Hajeski with Post Prandials. There are preveiws of the musician's works also on the Website. (TECHNOPHOBIA plays on Mac and PC computers.) If you would like to order the CD: * $25 US, Check or Money order payable at a US bank made out to: Dooley Le Cappellaine. $5 USA s&h $10 international shipping and handling. PRINCE STREET STATION, PO BOX 528, NY NY 10012-9998 You can also buy it at * Tower Video - 383 Lafayette Street NY NY 10012, Kim's Video - 85 Avenue A NY NY 10003 and Printed Matter - 77 Wooster Street NY NY 10013. And in London: at the ICA bookshop. *************************************** The vision behind the project: I think that this new technology offers the most exciting perhaps the only exciting thing happening in contemporary art today. *The exhibitions exist on CD Rom and the Web.* I'm using the technology to transcend the limitations of physics, finance and time inherent in other exhibition methods. The contemporary art world is undergoing a deep transformation and the whole economy of showing art is changing itís scale and character. ìTechnophobia î is the first exhibition on CD Rom: it presents interactive multimedia artwork and addresses the uses of computers in art. *********************************** I'm currently researching for the second CD and would like to hear from you if you have any ideas you would like to realise in this format. The size of the work doesn't matter; I'm looking for surprising thought provoking work. To present work for future exhibition send materials with a self addressed, stamped envelope to: Dooley Le Cappellaine, Prince Street Station, PO Box 528, New York, New York, 10012-9998. (please see specifications below) PHONE AND FAX (212) 966 3046 E MAIL dooley@thing.net http://www.thingnet/~dooley SPECIFICATIONS : The authoring tool is Director for Macintosh and the preferable format is a Director Movie on CD Rom, Syquest Cartridge or high density 1.44 mb diskettes. At this stage there is no restriction on gigabytes per artist submission. All graphics sound text and movies should be presented in a Macintosh compatible format such as; Word, Pict, MacPaint, Sound, Director Movie or Quicktime Movie. I am particularly interested in how artistís will use the interactive possibilities of the medium. *No slides please. Sound or music: CD or tape, Still images: CD Rom, floppy disc or Syquest cartridge compatable with a 200 mg drive, Video: NTSC or Hi8. (Allow four - six weeks for the reveiw of materials.) Label all items with your name, phone, address and e-mail and include a SASE for the return of your work. PRINCE STREET STATION, PO BOX 528, NY NY 10012-9998, E-MAIL dooley@thing.net

To view this press release through your browser, go to: http://www.gr8.com/nga/ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NGA MAKES AN IMPRESSION AMONG TOP MUSEUM WEB SITES The National Gallery of Art and Graffito/Active8 team up to build a model Web site Baltimore, MD March 6, 1997: One of the most recent arrivals to the World Wide Web is the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. NGA's site was unleashed to the public February 14, 1997. It's been well worth the wait for NGA to go public with the site, as it is one of the most extensive museum web sites currently available on-line. Much of the site's success is credited to the team NGA pulled together for the project which included Graffito/Active8, a marketing communications firm in Baltimore. The site's design revolves around three segments of visitors: the general public, researchers, and educators. NGA's goal was to pull together vast amounts of information regarding its collection, resources, exhibitions, historic information and programs. Their design philosophy emphasized that the site must "feel like" an NGA production; be "exceptional" in relation to Internet offerings of other cultural institutions; and be "active." One of the challenges was to allow easy access from any given point to any other point in the site with a minimum number of clicks. "Our role in the overall site design included establishing a design direction, consultation on layouts, information architecture, graphical user interface and organizational flow," said Graffito/Active8's president Craig Ziegler. "We have a reputation of being on the 'cutting edge' of design and technology, and that's reinforced through this site." A significant feature of the site is the ability to access the Gallery's extensive collection of over 100,000 works. The site provides a graphical interface to the powerful databases of information that the Gallery uses to support internal requests for information regarding the collection. Now, any work can be found in a matter of seconds through user oriented searches. Visitors can also enjoy on-line Gallery tours, access to educational resources, on-line purchases through the Gallery Shop, monthly updates on programs and events, and basics for planning a trip to the museum. All of these aspects are fused together in a way that's easy for the viewer to navigate and pinpoint information. The site features narrated audio tours, historical sound bytes and tours that enhance user experiences and leverage many of the museum's assets. In order to ensure that content is easily updated and expandable Graffito/Active8 compiled an on-line specifications guide for NGA's in-house design and production team. As a result, NGA's web site can create dynamic personal user experiences, just as the Gallery itself. NGA's new site is a definite role model for others in the future. Visit the site at http://www.nga.gov National Gallery of Art The National Gallery of Art belongs to the people of the United States of America and houses one of the finest collections in the world illustrating Western achievements in painting, sculpture and the graphic arts from the Middle Ages to the present. In the galleries, visitors will find the most comprehensive survey of Italian painting and sculpture in the Western Hemisphere, including the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci outside Europe. The collections are rich in French, Dutch, German, Flemish, British, American, Spanish, and twentieth-century art, with superb examples by Raphael, Rembrandt, and the impressionists. In addition to presenting special exhibitions of art from around the world each year, the Gallery offers educational programs and events such as gallery talks, guided school group tours, music and film programs, family activities, and the Museum's Micro Gallery. Contact: Robin Dowden National Gallery of Art http://www.nga.gov r-dowden@nga.gov Graffito/Active8 Graffito/Active8 is an award winning marketing communications firm located in Baltimore. The company is committed to developing high-end, corporate /organization program "messages" through various communications and technologies. Recent work also includes design and development on projects for AT&T, American Institute of Graphic Arts, USF&G, Premiere Technologies, dbIntellect (a division of EDS), Aexpert On-Line, Object Design Incorporated, Gerald Ford Museum, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Virginia Science Museum, Pepsi Center and Encore Communications. Contact: Craig Ziegler, President Graffito/Active8 http://www.gr8.com craig@gr8.com

The Epic Poem MY KINDEST REGARDS TO YOUR MOTHER By artist Harry Hilson http://www.fineartinc.com/writings/mother.htm SPONSORED BY FINE ART INC

hi my name is ANTY i#m studing art in karlsruhe work this time at the computer you can see my work http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~anty

hi my name is ANTY i#m studing art in karlsruhe work this time at the computer you can see my work http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~anty

I have a complicated question that you can help me answer. Self-definition is an important aspect of art. In the 20th cent. art has risen to new levels and meaning. What is art now? and what should it be? How does context become content? regarding limits and boundaries. Please help me realize what I should know. THANK YOU Dorian

Hello, I was reading the article on Stelarc by Mark Dery in issue 2. For my archive I would like to know the date of it so that if I want to use it in my thesis, it is ready. Thank you and sorry to bother. colette (31.03.97)

Would you be interested in adding a link to the Live Art Archive? (We've added a link to you on our Links-Ezines page) The URL is http://art.ntu.ac.uk/liveart/index.htm The Archive is based at The Nottingham Trent University, England, and is a continually-updated, detailed electronic database of live art/performance art/time-based art events and materials. N.B. We hope to add images shortly, but we need to clear up some copyright matters with the Arts Council of England who give us funding assistance. I enjoy reading your journal. Best wishes Sally Phillips for Live Art Archive The Nottingham Trent University England E-mail: liveart@ntu.ac.uk

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Hello! Am parent of art student, having great difficulty getting quality HS education in Florida (Tampa Bay Area). Dad is a Lehman alumni. Need info to peak interest in a multi-talented 15 yr old who is scoping colleges in US to attend to train for Disney to become animator after college. Please e-mail info or address to open dialogue. Thanks! C.Rosenthal @ sprttree@gte.net

ENGLISH ======= Tamarin is pleased to inform you that the new exhibition: KINGS OF AFRICA Photographs by Daniel Laine Is on line since 4th May. We hope you will enjoy this new exhibition which you can visit at our usual address: http://www.tamarin.com PS: We would like to inform you that Daniel Laine's work, has been captured in a book and a magnificent exposition in a well known museum of Paris. This exhibition of 54 photographs, with a format of 110cm X 110cm, is now available. Museums and interested institutions can contact TAMARIN for more informations as well as the documents of the exposition. ======================================================================================= FRANCAIS ======== Tamarin a le plaisir de vous informer que sa derniere exposition: ROIS D'AFRIQUE Photographies de Daniel Laine est en ligne depuis le 4 Mai. Nous esperons que cette nouvelle exposition vous plaira. Vous pouvez la visiter a l'adresse habituelle: http://www.tamarin.com PS: nous vous informons egalement, que le travail de Daniel LainÈ sur les Rois d'Afrique a fait l'objet d'un livre et d'une magnifique exposition dans un grand musÈe parisien. Cette exposition de 54 photographies, format 110cm x 110cm, est maintenant disponible. Les musÈes et institutions interressÈs, peuvent contacter TAMARIN pour obtenir de plus amples informations, ainsi que le dossier de l'exposition. ====================================================================================== Tamarin tonton@concentric.net

29-5-97 hi, i am on line trying to research my dissertation on public art and architecture. and architecture. this is the first site i have looked at - looks useful!

If you see Douglas Davis, give this to him: As a 31 year old single male who hates liberals & conservatives, I hate to defend the status quo, but the editorial I read in Newsday today was THE most idiotic thing I've read in a while. It purports to defend 'Adultery' by citing amorphous benefits. Apparently, Adultery 'invigorates' society. Well, yeah, sex can be invigorating. Of course, one could cite a benefit of just about anything, from heroin to genocide. The real issue is what the net benefit is. Davis concedes that "half our children" are products of adulterous relationships, so it puzzles me why he asserts that none of us is hurt by Adultery. In case he hasn't heard, these children account quite disproportionately to our welfare state and our high crime level. Anyone who has worked the streets and courts (as I have) can vouch for that. So Adultery hurts ALL of us. I'm saddened that a 'scholar' would contribute to the disease that is destroying our society. Why is Romance gone? Because honor, dignity, and responsibility are gone, and theyre gone because 'scholars' like Davis promote their destroyers. SO THERE! cheers, S Rose srose@suffolk.lib.ny.us

Hi, I thought you might want to check out Exposure Art Magazine. Our focus falls mostly on contemporary art, and art theory. http://www.hove.co.uk/exposure

Talkback: A boorish pathetically designed site hosted by an epitomy of conceited verbosity, Robert Atkins.

We appreciate the quality information provided through your website and are pleased to be able to link to it from our website, the Texas Cultural & Arts Network (TCAnet). The inclusion of your website makes TCAnet richer and more informative and we thank you. We invite you to see for yourself: http://www.arts.state.tx.us/library/journals.htm (Note: If you have already received this note, it is because we link to your site in more than one location within TCAnet. We apologize for any repetitive e-mailing.) TCAnet houses a host of information on arts and culture. It uses a virtual village theme with separate buildings for organizing content. TCAnet was two years in development and houses one of the largest arts & cultural collections on the Internet. Original content can be found amongst a huge collection of external links. TCAnet is a service of the Texas Commission on the Arts. Visit our home page at: http://www.arts.state.tx.us If your organization offers reciprocal links, please consider adding one to TCAnet. We also welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. Thank you again for the wonderful resources provided through your website. We look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Laura M. Wiegand lauraw@arts.state.tx.us Texas Commission on the Arts (512) 463-5535 extension 42330

Dear Robert: Hello and congrats on TALKBACK!! Lynne and I have a writing project we'd like to disccuss with you. Can you please drop us a email and let us know how to best contact you with the details? We think you'll be very intersted!! Thanks. Nathan Braulick Lynne Sowder Y-CORE

Nathan Braulick braulick@mr.net

Nathan Braulick braulick@mr.net

09/09/1997 Dear Robert, Thank you very much! I would like to congratulate you for your work and say that it is because of Art Historians like you who publish articles and books that it is possible to re-inscribe what is missing in the art world (Gay art). Your determination and believe are an inspiration for me and i am always waiting to read your next work. Speaking of your next book: The Gay and Lesbian Looker: How Queer Artists Revolutionized Art at The End of The 20th Century, when do you think that it will be publish? I can't wait! Looking forward to hear from you! Karl-Gilbert Murray French student at the University of Quebec in Montreal. (Master's degree-Art History (Topic: Art and Homosexuality) Please contact me at this adress: black.patricia@uqam.ca

Point your browser towards Variant, Scotland's leading independent arts journal. http://www.cryptic.demon.co.uk/variant.htm Ý Variant is a magazine of cross-currents in culture: critical thinking, imaginative ideas, independent media and artistic interventions. Variant features articles by Stewart Home, James Kelman, Peter Suchin, Francis McKee, to name just a few. Variant is an independently produced 'art' magazine, which is distributed free in the UK and abroad. We take art to mean culture and how culture is formed, Variant makes a contribution to this through the work of our writers. Variant is not run by the Arts Council or a district council; this gives the magazine more freedom of expression: the freedom to criticise is something which is dying out in the UK. Variant is produced by a small group of individuals with the support of the artistic community. We feel that Variant can also be appreciated by a broader public. All of the contributors are individuals working in the visual arts. The writing in the magazine is 'critical'; we see this as meaning that it should function as a forum for writers to document, report, explore, analyse and express their ideas and arguments. We welcome contributions and also criticisms of the magazine itself from our readers. Variant is a Society based organisation and functions with the assistance of subscriptions and advertising. We welcome contributions in the form of news, previews, articles, interviews, polemical pieces and artists pages. Guidelines for writers are available. Advertising address: PO Box 1269 Glasgow G3 6QA Tel: +44 (0)141 552 3436 Fax: +44 (0) 141 553 2660 e-mail: postmaster@cryptic.demon.co.uk Ý Editorial address: 1a Shamrock Street, Cowcaddens, Glasgow G4 9JZ Tel: +44 (0)141 333 9522 Fax: +44 (0) 141 553 2660 e-mail: postmaster@cryptic.demon.co.uk Ý Subscriptions: Individuals can receive a four issue, one year, subscription for the printed version of Variant in the UK for £2.00, EC £3.00, USA & Canada £5.00, Elsewhere £5.50, Institutions UK/EC £5.00, Institutions Elsewhere £5.50.

you guys suck... bigtimee..-

The link for Mark Harden's texas.net Museum of Art is out of date. The new link is Mark Harden

4 november 97 just seen your listings in 'Out There' - similar to what we're trying to do with the Hot List section in the online art mag 'Why Not Sneeze?' (in which we included Talk Back) - perhaps you'd like to check us out. Version 2.1 just updated. url: www.ccc.nl/sneeze/ keep up the good work! best wishes Michael Gibbs, ed. Why not Sneeze?

November 4/97 Do you plan and issue 4?