Issue 3: Virtual Communities

Robert Atkins
Editor's Introduction
Why our first anniversary issue is devoted to community/virtual community
Pauline van Mourik Broekman
(Semi-)Commercial Publishing as Community
mute: London's digital mouthpiece
Janine Cirincione
Community by Subscription
Director of Microsoft Network's art forum explains her role
A. D. Coleman
How Self-Publishing Evolved into an Online "Cafe"
Critic turns producer of the B.Y.O. Cafe
Jordan Crandall
Community of Things?
Will people fit into new, online strategies?
David Green
Beyond Data and Disney to a Networked Cultural Heritage
The arts community needs a place at the (data-base) table
Stacy Horn
We Are Who We Are
Online? Offline? Why Echo's founder thinks it's all the same
Kathy Rae Huffman
The Electronic Arts Community Goes Online
A personal history from an American in Vienna
Curtis Lang
Interview with Howard Rheingold
Joe Matuzak
A Network for Artists and Community Groups
Arts Wire offers an alternative, online perspective
Mark Tribe
Community Via E-Mail List
RHIZOME elevates e-mail
Wolfgang Staehle, Giselle Ehrefried, Daryll Erentzen & Ricardo Dominguez
Crash Communities
Community in crisis and transition: a view from The Thing

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