Appropriated Corpse

> To the Corpse

A play on the Surrealist parlor game called the Exquisite Corpse, the Appropriated Corpse was suggested to TalkBack! by artist Rudy Lemcke. This experiment in interactivity offers site-visitors the opportunity to download images by two dozen-or-so, well-known artists, modify those images and e-mail them back to TalkBack! for (possible) inclusion in an on-line exhibition. The Appropriated Corpse addresses the question of what might constitute meaningful interactivity within both a medium predicated on interactivity and a culture-of-couch-potatoes that simultaneously discourages active and thoughtful participation. Is this a bold experiment in interactivity or a banal gesture? In part, this depends on the response the project generates. At this early stage in on-line cult ure, it's unclear how such an open-ended project will turn out or even what criteria of evaluation--beyond that of providing participants with genuine choices--are appropriate to it. Feedback, please!