I 'R US: Robert Atkins and Sherry Turkle discuss on-line identity, Catharine MacKinnon and the cybersexual masquerade.
AESTHETIC OF PROSTHETICS: Mark Dery takes us inside Stelarc's "Fractal Flesh," a performance for which the artist wired himself to the Net.
WHO 'R U? Curtis Lang meditates on on-line anonymity; dozens of pros and cons.
ART & COMMERCE: Barbara Pollack tells all about the not-very-aesthetic world of on-line art retailing, revealing an art market lost in (cyber)space.
CONFESSIONS OF A TECHNO-JUNKIE: Christine Tamblyn shares her techno-fixations and does a demolition-job on gender.

Cyber-Art Marketing?
See Barbara Pollack's report;
image compliments of Les Levine