Publications available from the Lehman College Art Gallery


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Public Art in the Bronx

Essays by Sally Webster and Susan Hoeltzel


Landscape in the Age of Anxiety


Essay by Nina Castelli Sundell



Lisa Corrine Davis:

Essays by Franklin Sirmans and Susan Hoeltzel




Essays by Susan Nigra Snyder and Susan Hoeltzel



The Bronx Celebrates:

Vito Acconci, Michael Goldberg, Al Held, Alfred Leslie, Larry Rivers, Ann Sperry, and George Sugarman


Essay by Nina Castelli Sundell



Jorge Tacla: Memory of Place


Essay by Dan Rubey



The Works of Rigoberto Torres


Essays by Susan Hoeltzel and Dan Cameron



Leo Lionni Drawings


Essays by Nina Castelli Sundell and Brian Swann




Four Story Building

Essay by Kerri Sakamoto



Catalina Parra in Retrospect


Introduction by Jane Farver


Essays by Julia P. Herzberg and Ronald Christ



The Bronx Celebrates: Whitfield Lovelll

Essays by John Lau, Susan Hoeltzel, and Elisabeth Lorin


Luis Camnitzer: Retrospective Exhibition 1966-1990

Essays by Mari Carmen Ramirez, Geraldo Mosquera, and Luis Camnitzer

Introduction by
Jane Farver



The Turning Point: Art and Politics in Nineteen Sixty-Eight

Essays by Nina Castelli Sundell and Irwin Unger


Contemporary Chinese Art and the Literary Culture of China

Essays by Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky, Zhang Er, and Leonard Schwartz

Poetry by Yang Lian, Mo Fei, and Zhai Yongming


Natalya Nesterova

Russian Wanderings


Essays by Alexandre Gertzman, and Alexander Borovsky, Jaimie Ellin Forbes, Susan Tumarkin Goodman, Robert C. Morgan, Maria Valyaeva


Preface by Elisabeth Kessin Berman, Laurel Spencer Forsythe and Susan Hoeltzel



Peter d'Agostino: Interactivity & Intervention, 1978-99


Essays by Robert Atkins, Peter d'Agostino, Margaret Morse, David Tafler, and Anthony Fragola




Gallery notes are also available. These four to eight-page brochures are available for

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Femininity in Contemporary Asian Art: If the Shoe Fits... and Vernal Visions
Lezley Saar: Paintings from the Rap Series
Natalya Nesterova: Russian Wanderings
Edith DeChiara: Informed by Nature
Edwine Seymour: Island Possessed/Vodou in Haiti
Lisa Corrine Davis: Index
Contemporary Masks from the Kuba Region of Congo: Selections from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Lehman College Study Collection
Alice Adams: Public Projects
New Works: En Foco's Photography Awards for 1999
In View of Nature: Nine artists explore ideas about nature as a medium and a subject.
Paintings in Real Time: A Video Installation by Jaime Davidovich
Contemporary Chinese Art and the Literary Culture of China: Chinese Artists Living in the West and Six Artists from China
Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons: A Town Portrait and Spoken Softly with Mama
Close To Home: Various artists inspired by the poetry, labor, romance, and humor of domestic life.
Convergences/Convergencias: Caribbean, Latin American and North American
Physical Evidence: An Exploration of Corporeal Presence
Botanica: The Secret Life of Plants
Jorge Tacla: Memory of Place
Robert Wilson: Transmutation of Archetypes
Black Printmakers and the WPA
Collage: New Applications
Friends and Neighbors: The Art of John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres
Selections: From the Slide Registry
The Bronx Celebrates: Whitfield Lovell
Mayakovsky: Man or Myth?
Pa'lante: Political Works from the Collection of El Museo del Barrio
Art at the Edge: Elisa D'arrigo
Luis Camnitzer: Retrospective Exhibition, 1965-1990
Catalina Parra: In Retrospect
Convergences/Convergencias: Caribbean • Latin American • North American
Rambusch: Craft and Design
Urban Paradise: Gardens in the City
The Works of Rigoberto Torres
Douglas Davis: Interactions
Fact, Fiction and Truth: Contemporary Portraits
The Encompassing Eye: Photography as Drawing
Anaida Hernández: Hasta que la muerte nos separe (Till death do us part)
Reclaiming Paradise: American Women Photograph The Land
Cristo: Wrapped Walkways, Loose Park, Kansas City, Missouri, 1977-78
Latin American Art in the U.S.: Latin or American?