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The Semester Information area processes records of students currently attending Lehman College and monitors student TAP status. Other services handled here are:

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Tuition Assistance Program is an entitlement program. Awards are noncompetitive and any student who meets the criteria for eligibility will receive funds. All applicants must be a New York State resident and an eligible U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien. For detailed information on Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), click HERE.

Applicants must apply annually to the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC). The Higher Education Services Corporation determines the applicant's eligibility and emails a certificate of eligibility with the amount of the grant directly to the applicant. You may view the HESC web site HERE.

The Lehman College TAP CODE:

  • Undergraduate ..... 1412


Withdrawing from a course means you remain registered for that course, but receive a non-punitive grade of “W” for that course on your permanent academic record. No refund is involved with a withdrawal. The last day for withdrawal from a class is always listed in the Academic Calendar for each semester/session. You may withdraw from a class(es) via Student-Self Service in CUNYfirst.

Although "W" grades carry no academic penalty, they are counted as credits attempted for purposes of measuring satisfactory academic progress. The student remains liable for unpaid tuition.


Students dropping courses will be refunded according to the refund date periods posted on our website. Dropping a course differs from withdrawing from a course in that the course is completely deleted from your record—you do not remain registered for the dropped course. The only way to receive a 100% tuition refund is for dropping a class before the first day of the semester/session. Once the semester/session begins, you are entitled to a percentage of tuition refund, according to the refund dates listed in the academic calendar for that particular semester/session.

Students Receiving TAP or Other Financial Aid

Students who drop classes during the refund period and have been awarded a full New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) entitlement:

  • may elect to use their entitlement as credit toward their current financial liability and, consequently, will forfeit one semester of TAP eligibility.
  • may elect to return their TAP award to the corporation (advantageous only if a small liability is incurred), retain the semester’s TAP eligibility and reimburse the College for any money due.

Students who drop classes during the refund period with partial TAP entitlements that are not large enough to cover their tuition liability will be required to pay the difference.

Students awarded financial aid who change their status from full-time to part-time and vice versa must visit the Financial Aid Office where their aid will be adjusted.

Students who withdraw from classes (with a grade of “W”) may relinquish their TAP entitlement and any remaining financial aid award for the withdrawn semester.

Please refer to the Bursar’s Office or Financial Aid Office for further details on refunds.

Military Personnel

Students claiming refunds because of induction into the armed forces must submit a copy of induction or military orders.


Students who require an Enrollment Verification Letter can go in person to Shuster Hall, Rm. 175 with a picture ID. Letters can only be issued for semesters/sessions with no outstanding financial balance and/or with no negative service indicators.

Pass/Fail Option

Student may elect P / F grades for maximum of 18 credits in their degree program under the following conditions:

  • The course for P / F must be outside the College degree requirements including major, minor, or interdisciplinary program as well as the courses offered by Lehman's teacher education departments except for those education courses that may be taken only on a Pass / Fail or Pass / No Credit basis.
  • Only on P / F course may be elected in any semester, except for those courses that are always graded P / F.
  • The P / F choice may not be changed after the College registration period has ended.
  • The credits taken on a P / F basis may not be counted toward the number of credits required in the major and minor when the area represents a change from a previous choice.

WU and F Grades Policy

A grade of 'WU' is a failure grade given to a student who began attending the class (attended at least one session) and stopped attending. This grade is assigned by the instructor to indicate that the student stopped attending the course before the end of the semester; or as a result of the excessive absences there is no basis to give a final letter grade of "A to F" and the conditions for a grade of 'INC' do not apply. This grade is calculated in the GPA as zero and gives no credit. If a student wishes to receive credit for the course, it must be repeated with a passing grade; however, the 'WU' grade remains on the transcript. (A WU grade should never be given in place of an 'F' grade, the 'F' grade is an earned grade based on poor performance.)

A grade of 'F' is a failure grade given to a student who completed the class and failed. This grade is assigned for work that in the judgment of the instructor does not deserve college credit. This grade is calculated in the GPA as zero and gives no credit. If a student wishes to receive credit for the course, it must be repeated with a passing grade; however, the 'F' grade remains on the transcript.

Explanation of Current Grades

Repeated Courses

Students who wish to repeat a course in which they earned a passing grade of "D" should go to Shuster Hall, Rm. 175. A course with a grade of "C" may not be repeated without permission. This permission may be obtained from the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation in Shuster Hall, Rm. 280.

Audited Courses

All students, matriculated and non-degree, may audit any course other than a laboratory, provided attendance in the course does not involve the use of consumable material and/or equipment. Auditors will be charged regular tuition. Audited courses cannot be used to qualify for full-time or part-time status, financial aid, or veteran's benefits.

AUD - graded courses carry no credits, but auditors must fulfill the instructor's requirements for auditors. AUD - graded courses should not be confused with courses graded "No Credit."

To register as an auditor, prior written permission of the instructor and the appropriate department chair is required. No change from regular registration to auditing, nor from auditing to regular registration, will be permitted after the regular registration period has ended.

Veterans/Military Credits

Veterans applying for education benefits should visit Shuster Hall, Rm. 105 with form DD214. Veterans who wish to apply for military credit should complete the appropriate documents in Rm. 105. Veterans may receive up to 8 elective credits, depending on the length of active military service.

Degree Verifications

A degree verification is required when a company or individual needs to verify a student's graduation status.

Degree verification may be requested in writing ONLY and must be accompanied by a Signature Authorization Release form from the student. Companies or individuals who wish to submit a request may log on to: Requests may also be mailed to Shuster Hall, Rm. 175, or faxed to 718-960-1127.

In-School Loan Deferment Requests

To be eligible for an in-school loan deferment, students must be registered for at least six credits. An in-school deferment request form must be completed each semester while the student remains enrolled at least half time (6 credits or more). Deferment forms must be submitted to Shuster Hall, Rm. 175 for processing.

Residency Issues

Any continuing Lehman College student with a change in residency status or other residency issues may visit Shuster Hall, Rm. 175 for assistance.

ePermit Issues

Current Lehman College students who wish to take courses at another CUNY institution on ePermit and are experiencing problems can obtain assistance in Shuster Hall, Rm. 175.

For more information, please visit the Office of Registrar

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