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Visiting Students

CUNY students who are pursuing a degree at another CUNY college who wish to take courses at Lehman on a non-degree basis must request a CUNY e-permit online at www.cuny.edu from their home college in order to attend Lehman. Tuition for courses taken at Lehman is paid at the student's home college. The student will not be required to submit any fees to Lehman College.

Non-CUNY students who are attending a non-CUNY college must submit an unofficial copy of their college transcript or a letter from their primary college to the Lehman Admissions Office that verifies their current enrollment and good academic standing. Visiting students must file an application for Visiting College Students and pay a $65 application processing fee. Returning visiting students will pay a $10 readmission fee.

Permission to register as a visiting student is valid for only one semester at a time. Students who wish to renew their status as visiting students must submit new documentation from their primary colleges for each succeeding semester.

Last modified: 7/30/2015