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Urban Community Development (Interdisciplinary minor)

Director: Donna Kirchheimer

Steering Committee: Mario Gonzalez-Corzo, David Fletcher, Dene Hurley, Cindy Lobel, Juliana Maantay, Shehzad Nadeem, James Jervis, Joseph Rachlin, Milagros Ricourt, Robyn Spencer, Elin Waring.

This interdisciplinary program is designed to introduce students to a variety of topics and issues in urban community development. Students will be exposed to community-based local, national, and international social, political, and economic analyses, as well as to political figures, philosophies, theories, and movements. The minor is designed especially for students who wish to combine an interest in community development with majors such as African and African American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology.

Degree Requirements

Students will satisfy the College requirement of a minor field by taking four courses (12-15 credits), at least two of which must be at the 300 level or higher.

3 credits

AAS 226 (Community Organization)

3-4 credits

One fieldwork course in community service to be chosen from the list of fieldwork courses for the Urban Community Development Minor and approved by a member of the Steering Committee.

6-8 credits

Two courses to be chosen from the electives list of courses for the Urban Community Development Minor in consultation with a member of the Steering Committee (who may also approve non-listed courses).

Note: The same courses may not be used for both the major and the minor. Some of these courses have prerequisites.

Elective Courses for the Urban Community Development Minor

AAS 316: Introduction to Community Development and Planning

ANT 342: Anthropology of Urbanization

ECO 314: Urban Economics

GEP: 230: Urban Environmental Management

GEH 240: Urban Geography

HIU 333: American Urban History

HIU 347: The Mainland Borough: The Bronx as a City in History

HIU 348: History of New York: City an State

LAC (ANT) 238: Latino Community Organizing in New York City

POL 211: Public Policy

POL 305: Public Administration

POL 307: Political Power in America

POL 309: State and Local Politics

POL 310: Urban Politics and Government

POL 313: Political Issues in New York City

POL 314: Issues in Urban Policy

POL (SOC) 326: Political Socialization

PSY 338: Community Psychology

SOC 234: Urban Sociology

SOC 314: Social Change and Social Planning

SOC 334: Urban Sociology in Global Perspective

Fieldwork Courses For the Urban Community Development Minor

AAS 470: Fieldwork in the Black Community

ESC 475: Community Change Model: Creating New Communities

GEP 475: Internship in Geographic Information Science

SOC (POL) 470: Seminar and Internship Program in New York Government

Last modified: 7/30/2015