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The Lehman Scholars Program

Director of Studies: Gary Schwartz (Library, Room 315)

The Lehman Scholars Program (LSP) is designed for capable and highly motivated students who have the desire and ability to pursue a somewhat more independent liberal arts course of study. The program offers the advantages of a small, intimate college, including special courses, seminars, and individual counseling.

Special Features: The Lehman Scholars Program offers several special features:

  • Students are exempt from General Education upper-division Integration Requirements (CUNY College Option). They must, however, fulfill the Foundation and Distribution General Education requirements (CUNY Common Core) and meet all course prerequisites and requirements for their major field.
  • The Lehman Scholars Program has its own requirements, which students must fulfill:
    • a one-semester honors course in English composition and stylistics;
    • two years of a foreign language at the college level or its equivalent;
    • four honors seminars from any of four different academic areas: Fine and Performing Arts, Humanities, Natural Science, and Social Science; and
    • a senior honors essay.

There is one exception to these requirements: Students who enter the program with more than 30 credits may be considered for exemption from one seminar after consultation with the Program Director.

  • Mentors. Each student entering the program will be assigned to a faculty mentor in his or her field of interest. The mentor will advise the student in the areas of program planning and academic and career goals.
  • Application Procedure: Students who have earned 60 or fewer college credits may apply for either September, June, or January admission. They will be notified about their acceptance in time for the following semester's registration. The application form is available in the LSP Office, Library, Room 315.

Last modified: 7/30/2015