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Social Work, B.A. (55 Credit Major)

The following credits and courses are required of all Social Work majors:


In social work: SWK 237, 239, 305-306, 311-312, 440-441, 443, and 470-471 (majors are expected to register for SWK 470 for the Fall semester after completing SWK 312).


In sociology: SOC 166, 246, 346, and any 300-level SOC course in addition to SOC 346.


In other disciplines: PSY 166, POL 166, and BIO 183.

Note: For students in the 1984 curriculum, PSY 166 and BIO 183 may be used toward fulfillment of Distribution Requirements.

Social Work may not be selected as a minor.

According to New York State Education Department regulations, students receiving a B.A. degree must complete 90 credits in liberal arts courses. Please note that 300- and 400-level courses in Social Work do not qualify as liberal arts courses.


Note: Students should note that the following year-long sequences begin only in the Fall semester:

Last modified: 7/30/2015