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Regents Awards for Children of Deceased or Disabled Veterans

A special application must be filed with the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation, Albany, NY 12255. Documentary evidence to establish eligibility is required with the application. The applicant must be:

(1) the child of a veteran who died, or who has a current disability of 50 percent or more, or who had such disability at the time of death resulting from U.S. military service during one of the following periods:
April 16, 1917-November 11, 1918
December 7, 1941-December 31, 1946
June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953
October 1, 1961-March 29, 1973

(2) a legal resident of New York State. Legal residence in New York State is also required of the parent at the time of entry into military service, or at death resulting from military service. The amount of the award is $450 per year, for up to five years.

Last modified: 7/30/2015