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Program in English as a Second Language

Students whose native language is not English and who have failed the CUNY Reading and/or Writing Assessment Test are administered an ESL Placement Test and placed in the ESL sequence. (For a detailed description of ESL courses, see the information contained under "Academic Departments and Programs" later on in this Bulletin.)

Students in the ESL program will be expected to pass one level of the program for each semester of attendance at the College. Students who receive the grade of NC* in an ESL course the first time will be placed on skills probation. Students who receive a second grade of NC* in the same level will be dropped from the College. Any student who is dropped will be given the opportunity to appeal.

NOTE: City University policy requires that ESL students at the senior colleges pass CUNY/ACT reading and writing assessment tests prior to entering the freshman composition sequence.

*See "Grading Systems." Grades of WU in ESL courses will be handled in the same manner as grades of NC.

Last modified: 7/30/2015