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Physics, B.A. (36 Credit Major)

The B.A. program in Physics is designed for students who, although not planning a career in physics research and/or college/university-level teaching, have a strong interest in physical science, particularly physics, and wish to prepare for a career in which a good basic knowledge of physics is useful. Among such careers are the health professions, elementary and secondary school science teaching, patent-law practice, industrial management, and science journalism.

Credits (36)


In required PHY courses: in one of the following three combinations:


10 credits in PHY 168-169 and 14 credits in additional PHY courses;


or with Chair's permission either:


10 credits in PHY166-167 and 14 credits in additional PHY courses at the 200 level or above; or


9 credits in PHY 135 and 167, and 15 credits in additional PHY courses at 200 level or above;


In required mathematics courses: MAT 175-176 and MAT 226.

Last modified: 3/11/2015