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Physics and Astronomy

Chair: Daniel Kabat (Gillet Hall, Room 131A)

Department Faculty: Distinguished Professor: Eugene Chudnovsky; Professors: Luis Anchordoqui, Dmitry Garanin, Christopher C. Gerry, Dimitra Karabali, Daniel Kabat; Assistant Professor: Matthew O'Dowd; Chief College Laboratory Technician: Elpidio Jiménez

The Department of Physics and Astronomy prepares students for positions in government and industry and for graduate study in physics and related fields. Students in the Department may choose either a 36-credit major leading to a B.A. degree or a 54-credit major leading to a B.S. degree. The Department also offers a variety of basic courses designed for general education and for students in other departments, and cooperates with the Department of Middle and High School Education in preparing students to teach physics in secondary schools.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy also administers the Pre-engineering Transfer Program. See the description of the requirements for this program earlier in this Bulletin, in the chapter entitled "Baccalaureate Programs."

Last modified: 7/30/2015