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Nursing, B.S. (37.5 Credit Major)

Prerequisite sciences (4.5 credits)

CHE 114: Essentials of General Chemistry (3 credits)

CHE 115: Essentials of General Chemistry, lab (1.5 credits)

Foundation Course (Prior to Admission)

HIN 268: Human Growth and Development (3 credits)

Foundation Course (Prior to or After Admission)

HIN 269: Analysis and Action for Community Health (3 credits)

Nursing Courses (27 credits)

NUR 300: Nursing as a Human Science (3 credits)

NUR 302: Ways of Knowing (3 credits)

NUR 400: Professional Nursing Practice (6 credits)

NUR 406: Clinical Decision Making (3 credits)

NUR 408: Trends and Issues in Nursing and Health Care (3 credits)

NUR 409: Therapeutic Intervention V (6 credits)

NUR 410: Professional Nursing Management (3 credits)

Last modified: 7/30/2015