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Italian-American Studies, B.A. (36 Credit Major)

The interdisciplinary major in Italian-American Studies consists of 36 credits in courses distributed as follows:

36 credits (12 selected from the following):

IAS 300 (HIE 325): Italy from Napoleon through Mussolini

IAS 302 (HIE 324): History of Italian Emigration to the United States

IAS 303 (HIU 324): The History of Italian-Americans

IAS 250 (ANT 250; SOC 250): The Italian-American Community

12 credits selected from the following related courses (no more than three history courses may be included):

ITA 233: Italian-American Contributions

PSY 336: The Psychology of Ethnicity

MSH 239: Italian Opera

ARH 332: Art of the Early Renaissance

ARH 333: Art of the High Renaissance and the Later Sixteenth Century

IAS 245 (ITA 245): Italy Today

IAS 260 (ENG 260): American Minority Literature: The Italian-American Tradition

IAS 450: Topics in Italian-American Studies

IAS 481: Tutorial in Italian-American Studies

IAS 495: Special Project in Italian-American Studies or other appropriate courses as approved by the program coordinator

12 credits (Note: No more than a total of 6 credits may come from IAS 481 and 495.):

In a single discipline related to the student's academic and professional interests and goals. With the approval of the program coordinator, credits from the dual major may be applied to this requirement, where appropriate.

Last modified: 7/30/2015